Friday, 12th February 1932 - Tuesday, 28th March 1972

104 E. College Ave.
Tallahassee, FL

Friday, 12th February 1932No One Man
Friday, 21st October 1932 - Saturday, 22nd October 1932Hold 'Em Jail
Sunday, 23rd October 1932 - Monday, 24th October 1932Movie Crazy
Tuesday, 25th October 1932 - Wednesday, 26th October 1932Phantom of Crestwood
Thursday, 27th October 1932Most Dangerous Game
Sunday, 14th October 1934 - Tuesday, 16th October 1934Count of Monte Cristo
Friday, 9th December 1938Men with Wings
Sunday, 18th December 1938 - Monday, 19th December 1938Submarine Patrol
Tuesday, 20th December 1938Campus Confessions
Wednesday, 21st December 1938 - Thursday, 22nd December 1938Christmas Carol
Friday, 22nd September 1939 - Saturday, 23rd September 1939Fifth Avenue Girl
Sunday, 24th September 1939 - Monday, 25th September 1939Under-Pup
Tuesday, 26th September 1939Million Dollar Legs
Wednesday, 27th September 1939 - Thursday, 28th September 1939Angels Wash Their Faces
Friday, 20th October 1939 - Saturday, 21st October 1939Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Sunday, 22nd October 1939 - Monday, 23rd October 1939Nurse Edith Cavell
Tuesday, 24th October 1939Torchy Plays With Dynamite
Wednesday, 25th October 1939 - Thursday, 26th October 1939Dancing Co-Ed
Friday, 2nd February 1940 - Saturday, 3rd February 1940I Take This Woman
Sunday, 4th February 1940 - Monday, 5th February 1940His Girl Friday
Tuesday, 6th February 1940 - Monday, 12th February 1940Gone With The Wind
Friday, 23rd February 1940 - Saturday, 24th February 1940Broadway Melody of 1940
Sunday, 25th February 1940 - Monday, 26th February 1940Man From Dakota
Tuesday, 27th February 1940 - Wednesday, 28th February 1940Swiss Family Robinson
Thursday, 29th February 1940All Women Have Secrets
Tuesday, 25th May 1948 - Wednesday, 26th May 1948Wild Harvest
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Saturday, 17th September 1949Triple Threat
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Saturday, 17th September 1949Rangers Ride
Friday, 7th December 1951 - Saturday, 8th December 1951Daltons' Women
Wednesday, 19th May 1954 - Saturday, 22nd May 1954Creature From the Black Lagoon
Friday, 22nd February 1957 - Tuesday, 26th February 1957Gun for a Coward
Sunday, 24th February 1957 - Tuesday, 26th February 1957Battle of Gettysburg
Sunday, 26th March 1961 - Wednesday, 29th March 1961Carry On Nurse
Thursday, 30th March 1961 - Saturday, 1st April 1961Absent Minded Professor
Wednesday, 19th September 1962Tales of Terror
Thursday, 20th September 1962Trapeze
Thursday, 20th September 1962Vikings
Wednesday, 31st July 1968 - Tuesday, 20th August 1968Rosemary's Baby
Sunday, 5th April 1970Bloody Mama
Wednesday, 17th March 1971Five Easy Pieces
Friday, 14th May 1971 - Thursday, 20th May 1971THX 1138
Wednesday, 22nd March 1972 - Tuesday, 28th March 1972Minnie and Moskowitz