Capitol Cinema

Friday, 8th July 1977 - Wednesday, 7th May 1997

2432 N. Monroe
Tallahassee, FL

Friday, 8th July 1977 - Thursday, 7th September 1978Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Thursday, 16th August 1979 - Thursday, 20th September 1979Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Friday, 29th February 198010
Friday, 29th February 1980Night of the Living Dead
Friday, 29th February 1980Rocky Horror Picture Show
Friday, 29th February 1980Foolin' Around
Friday, 29th February 1980Norma Rae
Friday, 29th February 1980Jerk
Wednesday, 18th June 1980 - Thursday, 25th September 1980Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Friday, 7th September 1990Young Guns II
Friday, 7th September 1990Presumed Innocent
Friday, 7th September 1990Lemon Sisters
Friday, 7th September 1990Air America
Friday, 7th September 1990Pump Up the Volume
Sunday, 20th October 1996Ghost and the Darkness