Cinema Twin

Thursday, 16th March 1972 - Thursday, 19th September 1996

Tallahassee Mall
Tallahassee, FL

Friday, 24th March 1972Hot Rock
Friday, 24th March 1972Last Run
Friday, 5th January 1973Up the Sandbox
Friday, 5th January 1973Pete 'n' Tillie
Thursday, 10th May 1973Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Friday, 4th January 1974Chou
Friday, 4th January 1974Cops and Robbers
Friday, 3rd January 1975Freebie and the Bean
Friday, 3rd January 1975Front Page
Friday, 2nd January 1976Black Bird
Friday, 2nd January 1976Dog Day Afternoon
Sunday, 10th July 1977Deep
Sunday, 10th July 1977Bridge Too Far
Friday, 19th May 1978Blue Water, White Death
Friday, 19th May 1978Capricorn One
Friday, 8th June 1979 - Thursday, 21st June 1979Phantasm
Friday, 22nd June 1979Alien
Friday, 21st December 1979Muppet Movie
Friday, 21st December 1979Roller Boogie
Friday, 29th February 1980Last Married Couple in America
Friday, 29th February 1980Hero at Large
Friday, 7th September 1990Longtime Companion
Friday, 7th September 1990Wild at Heart
Thursday, 19th September 1996Spitfire Grill
Thursday, 19th September 1996Trainspotting