The Shuttered Room

Blood Island


David Greene

A woman returns to her childhood home and its ghastly secret.

Oodles of creepy atmosphere and terrific locations spoiled by bizarre attempt at American ambience with assorted British actors sporting dubious accents. We are also supposed to believe that Gig Young is able to best Olly Reed and his Straw Dogs cronies with a couple of Karate chops.

Carol Lynley is lovely (and good) Olly would be great but for that distracting accent. Best performance is by a genuinely disturbing raptor that passes for set decoration.

27th June 1967

14th February 1968

Gig Young
Mike Kelton
Carol Lynley
Susannah Whately Kelton / Sarah
Oliver Reed
Flora Robson
Aunt Agatha
Judith Arthy
Rick Jones
Luther Whately
Ann Bell
Mary Whately, Susannah's Mother
William Devlin
Zebulon Whately
Charles Lloyd Pack
Barge Master
Bernard Kay
Celia Hewitt
Aunt Sarah
Robert Cawdron
Luther Whately
Murray Evans
Gang Member
Cliff Diggins
Gang Member (as Clifford Diggins)
Peter Porteous
Gang Member
Anita Anderson
Susannah as a Child
Donald Sutherland
Zebulon (voice)
Ingrid Bower
Village Girl