Stand By Me


Rob Reiner
Columbia Pictures
Production Company

Four youngsters go on an adventure to search for a dead boy in the summer of 1959. Walking the train tracks by day and camping out in the woods by night, they encounter a rebellious teenage gang who intend to thwart their efforts.

Based on Stephen King's novella, The Body, the coming-of-age story is very close to the author's original vision. For those who love DVD audio commentaries, you should check out director Reiner's on the disc - it's one of the very best out there: a scene-by-scene informative chat track with lots of trivia and interesting on-set stories to keep you entertained. The DVD also comes with a 40 minute making of featurette as well.
It's simply one of those movies you must see before you die.

8th August 1986

22nd August 1986

Stand By Me (Old Version)
9th September 1997


Stand By Me (Special Edition)
29th August 2000


22nd March 2011


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