Whisky Galore!

Tight Little Island


Alexander Mackendrick

Delightful Ealing comedy detailing the fate of 50,000 shipwrecked cases of whisky. Originally titled Tight Little Island in the US. One can sense the joie de vie coming out of this post war British film.

16th June 1949

25th December 1949

3rd April 2005

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Basil Radford
Captain Paul Waggett
Catherine Lacey
Mrs Waggett
Bruce Seton
Sergeant Odd
Joan Greenwood
Peggy Macroon
Wylie Watson
Joseph Macroon
Gabrielle Blunt
Catriona Macroon
Gordon Jackson
George Campbell
Jean Cadell
Mrs Campbell
James Robertson Justice
Dr McLaren
Morland Graham
The Biffer
John Gregson
Sammy MacCodrun
James Anderson
Old Hector
Jameson Clark
Constable Macrae
Alastair Hunter
Captain MacKechnie
Compton Mackenzie
Captain Buncher
Mary MacNeil
Mrs. McCormac
Norman MacOwan
Captain MacPhee
Duncan Macrae
Angus McCormac
Henry Mollison
Mr. Farquharson
Frank Webster
First Mate
James Woodburn
Roderick MacRurie

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