Commuter Husbands


Derek Ford

the storyteller provides us with six vignettes as an expose of the male psyche and sexual pecadillos therein.

The British sex/comedy films of the 70s are a genre unto themselves and are invariably neither funny or sexy but do provide an interesting window into the era.

Commuter husbands, Derek Ford's follow up to Surburban Wives, is no exception to the rule, featuring some otherwise respected actors and some decorative ladies.

For students of the era and people who make a hobby of making film websites only.

I have been unable to find the original 1973 release date for this film and the US release date of December 1st is purely arbitrary.

1st December 1974

Gabrielle Drake
the story teller
Gabrielle Drake
Carol Appleby
Robin Bailey
the husband (Dennis)
Jane Cardew
the secretary
Raymond Marlowe
the lover
Heather Chasen
the wife
Mike Britton
the dreamer (Peter Harris)
Nicola Austin
the dream girl
Dick Haydon
Arthur Benbow
Claire Gordon
Carla Berlin
Brenda Peters
Dorothea Phillips
Dervis Ward
Yokki Rhodes
the secretary (Trudi)
Timothy Parkes
the visitor (Raymond Hardacre)
John Barcroft
Mario Abrizzi
Robin Culver
John Appleby
Valerie Stanton
George Selway
Valerie Wallace
Mia Martin
Party girl
Fiona Victory
Meditating girl
Francoise Unwin
French girl
Pat Montgomery
Shirley Harmer
Tony Barton
Vasilios Petses
David Grey
Prostitute's Client
Amanda Hawes
Tony Greer
Tara Lynn
2nd Dream Girl