Nightmare Hostel

Dr. Rage


Low-budget horror nonsense with some guy who is ordered to enter a psychiatric facility for rage disorder.
The DVD distributor's only chance for a sale has been to change the name of the movie to make it more appealing (from Dr. Rage - to Nightmare Hostel) and boast on the front cover that this is "the US Unrated Director's Cut, which contains scenes of graphic horror and violence & nudity". I mean, let's face it - I was gullible enough!

Stephen Polk
Michael Dare
Denice Duff
Dr. Susan Verger
Andrew Divoff
Dr. Timothy Straun
Karen Black
John Kassir
Moe Moebius
Robert DiTillio
Ken Ward
Derek Sitter
Mr. Bators
Christopher Rydell
Homeless Man
George Hoth
Michael's Father

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