Apollo 18


Gonzalo López

Found footage exists of a previously undocumented and top secret NASA moon mssion, Apollo 18, suggests unknown horrors await us in space.

Clever extension of the documentary horror found footage genre started by Blair Witch Project is ham-strung by its need to remain 'realistic' which is a pity as the LEM is a great place for claustrophobic terror. Final warnings are kinda funny.

2nd September 2011

27th December 2011

88 mins

Warren Christie
Capt. Benjamin Anderson
Lloyd Owen
Cdr. Nathan Walker
Ryan Robbins
Lt. Col. John Grey
Michael Kopsa
Deputy Secretary of Defense
Andrew Airlie
Mission Control
Kurt Max Runte
Lab Tech #1
Jan Bos
Lab Tech #2
Kim Wylie
Laura Anderson
Noah Wylie
Ryan Anderson
Ali Liebert
Nate's Girlfriend
Erica Carroll
John's Fiancee

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