Carry On Sergeant


Gerald Thomas

The first film in the long-running 'Carry On' series. A group of ordinary guys are drafted into doing their National Service at an army barracks run by a retiring sergeant (Hartnell).

The DVD re-issue features commentary from Dora Bryan, Shirley Eaton and Terence Longdon.

Followed (in sequence) by Carry Ons... Nurse (1958), Teacher (1959), Constable (1960), Regardless (1961), Cruising (1962), Cabby (1963), Jack (1964), Spying (1964), Cleo (1964), Cowboy (1965), Screaming! (1966), Don't Lose Your Head (1966), Follow That Camel (1967), Doctor (1968), Up The Khyber (1968), Camping (1969), Again Doctor (1969), Up The Jungle (1970), Loving (1970), Henry (1971), At Your Convenience (1971), Matron (1972), Abroad (1972), Girls (1973), Dick (1974), Behind (1975), England (1976), Emmannuelle (1978), Columbus (1992).

1st August 1958

84 mins

Carry On Collection
8th October 2002


29th January 2007

81 mins

William Hartnell
Sgt. Grimshawe
Shirley Eaton
Mary Sage
Eric Barker
Capt. Potts
Dora Bryan
Bill Owen
Cpl. Copping
Charles Hawtrey
Pvt. Peter Golightly
Kenneth Connor
Pvt. Horace Strong
Kenneth Williams
Pvt. James Bailey
Terence Longdon
Pvt. Miles Heywood
Norman Rossington
Pvt. Herbert Brown
Gerald Campion
Pvt. Andy Calloway
Hattie Jacques
Capt. Clarke
Cyril Chamberlain
Bren Instructor
Arnold Diamond
5th Specialist
Gordon Tanner
1st Specialist
Martin Boddey
6th Specialist
Frank Forsyth
2nd Specialist
Ian Whittaker
Medical Corporal
Basil Dignam
3rd Specialist
Anthony Sagar
Stores Sergeant
John Gatrell
4th Specialist
Alec Bregonzi
1st Storeman
Graham Stewart
2nd Storeman
Alexander Harris
3rd Storeman
Pat Feeney
4th Storeman
Terry Scott
Sgt. O'Brien
Edward Judd
5th storeman
John Mathews
Sgt. Mathews
Ronald Clarke
6th Storeman
Ed Devereaux
Sgt. Russell
David Williams
7th Storeman
Leigh Madison
Bernard Kay
13th Recruit/Injured Recruit
Jack Smethurst
1st Recruit
Haydn Ward
8th Recruit
Brian Jackson
2nd Recruit
Graydon Gould
9th Recruit
Don McCorkindale
3rd Recruit
Jeremy Dempster
10th Recruit
Leon Eagles
4th Recruit
Terry Dickenson
11th Recruit
Malcolm Webster
5th Recruit
Henry Livings
12th Recruit
Patrick Durkin
6th Recruit
Derek Martinus
James Villiers
7th Recruit
Michael Hunt
14th Recruit
Bob Monkhouse
Charlie Sage
Martin Wyldeck
Mr. Sage
Helen Goss
Mary's Mum

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