Dick Barton, Special Agent

Dick Barton, Detective


Alfred Goulding
Hammer Films

Dick and his cronies investigate strange goings on at a fishing village and discover a Nazi plot to poison England's water supply.

Threadbare and creaky early Hammer production based on the very popular BBC radio series. The filmmakers would have been better off getting the radio cast, as none of the acting is very good. Bush and Wincott make the most of their villainy, but that's not necessarily a good thing. The film in general is poor in all respects, being little more than a crudely filmed representation of a radio program, and is only of real interest as a footnote in Hammer's history. More than anything it resembles a Three Stooges short adapted into a spy drama, complete with lame jokes and physical comedy. Probably the best thing is the theme music (The Devil's Gallop by Charles Williams), though even that might mislead modern viewers into expecting the Spanish Inquisition to show up on the scene!

Followed by two sequels, Dick Barton Strikes Back and Dick Barton at Bay, before Stannard's early death put an end to the series.

-Dave W.

1st March 1948

70 mins

Don Stannard
Dick Barton
George Ford
Snowey White
Jack Shaw
Jock Anderson
Gillian Maude
Jean Hunter
Geoffrey Wincott
Dr. Sigmund Casper / Bart
Ivor Danvers
Snub (uncredited)
Farnham Baxter
Roscoe (uncredited)
Morris Sweden
Regan (uncredited)
Ernest Borrow
Joe Gilpin (uncredited)
Arthur Bush
Oberleutnant Kurt Schuler
'Axel Johannson'
Beatrice Kane
Betsy Horrock
Alec Ross
Tony Burton / Firth
Colin Douglas
Stark (uncredited)
Janice Lowthian
Adele Reed
Campbell Singer
Sir George Cavendish
Man Who Loses Toupee
Woman with Man
Billy Howard
Police Constable Jupp
Sailor in Pub
Peter Brace
Henchman (uncredited)
Jim Brady
Henchman (uncredited)
Eddie Powell
Henchman (unconfirmed)

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