The Flesh Eaters


Jack Curtis

Engine trouble forces a plane down on an isolated island, where a Nazi scientist is working on tiny sea creatures that eat human flesh.

Quite a fine little film, especially considering its budget and independent status. Ssurprisingly nasty and falls in with H.G. Lewis' films as 'proto-gore.' Kosleck is great, as always, though Ray Tudor's stupid Beatnik wears out his welcome in his first ten seconds onscreen. Leonard Maltin, that paragon of mediocrity, called it "occasionally tense, but gruesome and boring," which is actually a good summary of his review books. If you do think this film is bad, compare it to a couple near-contemporaries with similar plots: Teenage Zombies and Bloodlust. 'Nuff said. The script was written by Arnold Drake, who created Doom Patrol, Deadman, and with Stan Lee, Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel Comics.

This film made someone title his zombie film Night of the Living Dead instead of Night of the Flesh Eaters, and also lent its title to a pretty damn good punk band as well.

-Dave W.

The Flesh Eaters
18th March 1964

87 mins

Martin Kosleck
Professor Peter Bartell
Byron Sanders
Grant Murdoch
Barbara Wilkin
Jan Letterman
Rita Morley
Laura Winters
Ray Tudor
Christopher Drake
Darby Nelson
Rita Floyd
Radio Operator
Warren Houston
Cab Driver
(scenes deleted)
Barbara Wilson
Ira Lewis
Freddy Miller
Jack Curtis
Voice: Radio Deejay
Arnold Drake
"Pete's Beat" Singer
Republic RC-3 Seabee
The Plane

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