Allegory of Love

Saturday, 21st February 2009

Tuesday, 27th August 2019ITV31555LewisAllegory of Love

Tom Mison
Dorian Crane
Louise Dylan
Melanie Harding
Cara Horgan
Alice Wishart
Art Malik
Professor Hamid Jassim
James Fox
Professor Norman Deering
Kevin Whately
DI Robert Lewis
Rebecca Front
Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent
Anastasia Hille
Ginny Harris
Adrian Lukis
Jem Wishart
Laurence Fox
DS James Hathaway
Clare Holman
Dr. Laura Hobson
Claire Brown
Kelly Belford
Selina Cadell
Professor Rutherford
Mike Burnside
Pub Landlord
Colin Dexter
Man leaving The Randolph as Hayden Wishart enters