The Invisible Man
Secret Experiment

Saturday, 13th June 1959
 9:00 pm Midlands

First broadcast on ATV London 14 September 1958.

Scientist Peter Brady, working to achieve invisibilty using light refraction, accidentally makes himself invisible. His bosses lock him up for safekeeping, but Brady escapes. A fellow scientist he tells about the experiment steals his papers, whereupon Brady beats the hell out of him. The bosses apologize and he goes back to work.

Inauspicious beginning to the short-lived series comes across as more of a children's show, and one for especially dim ones at that. Patterson's voice isn't the right choice, and the plot and characters are just too simplistic to garner much interest.

-Dave W.

Saturday, 13th June 1959Midlands2100Invisible ManSecret Experiment

Lisa Daniely
Diane Brady Wilson
Deborah Watling
Sally Wilson
Lloyd Lamble
Dr. Hanning
Bruce Seton
Ernest Clark
Sir Charles Anderson
Michael Goodliffe
Dr. John Crompton
Johnny Scripps
Dr. Peter Brady (Invisible)
Lee Patterson
Voice: Dr. Peter Brady
Jeff Silk
Confused Pedestrian

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