One Foot In The Grave
The Eternal Quadrangle

Thursday, 1st February 1990
 9:30 pm BBC1

Susan Belbin
Production Company

Series 1, Episode 5

Victor if offered a part-time job to help clean the house of a woman he painted in the nude at his art class. This of course infuriates Margaret, who herself finds she is the subject of desire from the elderly gardener who manages to find his way naked into her bed.

Great episode, full of innuendo and misunderstandings. One rather funny scene has Victor having a hoover fight with the put-out gentleman whose house has has been asked to clean.

Margaret: (angrily): "She didn't sit in the passenger seat - naked?"
Victor: (sarcastically): "No, I tied her to the roof rack"

Thursday, 1st February 1990BBC12130One Foot In The GraveThe Eternal Quadrangle

Richard Wilson
Victor Meldrew
Annette Crosbie
Margaret Meldrew
Angus MacKay
Art Teacher
Gillian Barge
Mrs. Mauleverer
John Barrard
Harold Wharton
David Battley
Peter Copley

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