Only Fools and Horses
Ashes To Ashes

Thursday, 28th October 1982
12:10 pm GOLD

Season 2, Episode 2

When Triggers grandmother dies Del offers to help his pal out by selling off some of her valuables to raise some money. He discovers what he believes to be a valuable urn, but when he realises it has somebodys ashes in it he decides to give the deceased a decent send-off...which includes attempts to dump it in the River Thames, scatter them over a bowling green and sucked into a passing road-sweeper!

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Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Thursday, 28th October 1982BBC12030Only Fools and HorsesAshes To Ashes
Sunday, 7th July 2019GOLD1210Only Fools and HorsesAshes to Ashes

David Jason
Derek Trotter
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Rodney Trotter
Lennard Pearce
Grandad Trotter
Roger Lloyd Pack
John D. Collins
River Policeman
Terry Duggan
Council Cleansing Lorry Driver

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots