The Black Adder
Witchsmeller Pursuivant

Wednesday, 13th July 1983
 9:35 pm BBC1

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Rowan Atkinson
The Great Grumbledook
Frank Finlay
Witchsmeller Pursuivant
Elspet Gray
The Witch Queen
Tim McInnerny
Percy, A Witch
Tony Robinson
Baldrick, A Witch
Richard Murdoch
Ross, A Lord
Valentine Dyall
Lord Angus
Peter Schofield
Rife, a Lord
Stephen Frost
Soft, a Guard
Mark Arden
Anon, a guard
Perry Benson
Daft Red
Bert Parnaby
Dim Cain
Roy Evans
Dumb Abel
Forbes Collins
Dopey Jack
Patrick Duncan
Officer, an Officer
Barbara Miller
Jane Kirkettle
Natasha King
Princess Leia
Howard Lew Lewis
Piers, a Yeoman
Sarah Thomas
Mrs Kield a goodwife
Louise Gold
Mrs Tyler, a goodwife
Brian Blessed
Richard IV, A King
Robert East
Harry, Prince of Wales
Salo Gardner
Patrick Allen
Narrator (voice)