SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Orinoco and the Big Black Umbrella02/05/19731
1The Rocking Chair02/06/1973
1A Sticky Ending02/07/1973
1Great Uncle Bulgaria's Keep Fit Lesson02/09/1973
1A Safe Place02/12/1973
1The Purple Paw Mystery02/14/1973
1Bungo's Birthday Party02/16/1973
1The Invisible Womble02/19/1973 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1Orinoco Sees the Light02/20/1973
1The Conkering Hero02/21/1973
1One Pair of Feet02/23/1973
1Tobermory on Television02/26/1973
1Crossed Lines02/27/1973
1Blow the Womble Down02/28/1973
1Madame Cholet Returns03/02/1973
1Weighing in Time06/18/1973
1Musical Wombles06/19/1973
1Wombles and Ladders06/20/1973
1Orinoco and the Ghost06/21/1973
1A Game of Golf06/22/1973
1North, South, East, West06/25/1973
1The Picnic06/26/1973
1Games in the Snow06/27/1973
1The Snow Wombles06/28/1973
1What's Cooking?06/29/1973
1Spring Cleaning Time07/02/1973
1Marrow Pie07/03/1973
1The Cement Mixer07/05/1973
1The Circus Comes to Wimbledon07/06/1973
2Bungo Up a Tree09/15/1975
2Time and Slow Motion09/16/1975
2Tomsk in Trouble09/17/1975
2The Largest Womble in the World09/18/1975
2Running Out of Steam09/19/1975 5:40 pmBBC1UK
2Orinoco's Midnight Feast09/22/1975
2Speak Up09/23/1975 4:40 pmBBC1UK54
2The Vanishing Pancake09/24/1975 5:40 pmBBC1UK
2Madame Cholet and the Blackberries09/25/1975
2The Fruit Machine09/26/1975
2Portrait of Great Uncle Bulgaria09/29/1975
2Very Behind the Times09/30/1975
2The Burrow Hot Line10/01/1975
2Trunk Call10/02/1975 5:40 pmBBC1UK
2MacWomble the Terrible10/03/1975
2A Single Piper10/06/1975
2Porridge for Breakfast10/07/1975
2Highland Games10/08/1975
2Home Sickness10/09/1975
2Goodbye MacWomble10/10/1975
2Film Show10/14/1975
2Pirate Gold10/15/1975
2Warm and Cosy10/16/1975
2Autumn Leaves10/17/1975
2The Womble Times10/20/1975
2Operation W.R.A.P.10/21/1975
2The Secret Snorer10/22/1975
2Womble Fool's Day10/23/1975
2Womble Summer Party10/24/1975 5:40 pmBBC1UK