SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1300 Feet Below09/19/1964USA
1The Red Hot Car09/26/1964USA
1S.O.S Dolphin10/03/1964USA
1The Gulf Between10/10/1964USA
1City Boy10/17/1964USA
1Dolphin for Sale10/24/1964USA
1Not Necessarily Gospel10/31/1964USA
1Countdown for Flipper11/07/1964USA
1Mr. Marvello11/14/1964USA
1My Brother Flipper11/21/1964USA
1The Second Time Around11/28/1964USA
1Lady and the Dolphin: Part 112/05/1964USA
1Lady and the Dolphin: Part 212/12/1964USA
1The Misanthrope12/26/1964USA
1Flipper's Bank Account01/02/1965USA
1The Day of the Shark01/16/1965USA
1Love and Sandy01/23/1965USA
1Money to Blow01/30/1965USA7
1Flipper's Treasure02/06/1965USA
1The White Dolphin02/13/1965USA
1Flipper and the Elephant: Part 102/27/1965USA
1Flipper and the Elephant: Part 203/06/1965USA
1Flipper and the Elephant: Part 303/13/1965USA
1Bud Minds Baby03/20/1965USA
1Sailor Bud03/27/1965USA
1The Call of the Dolphin04/03/1965USA
1Flipper's Monster04/10/1965USA
2Flipper and the Mermaid09/18/1965USA
2Dolphin in Pursuit: Part 109/25/1965USA
2Dolphin in Pursuit: Part 210/02/1965USA
2Flipper's Hour of Peril10/09/1965USA
2Coral Fever10/16/1965USA
2Junior Ranger10/23/1965USA
2The Ditching: Part 110/30/1965USA
2The Ditching: Part 211/06/1965USA
2Flipper and the Spy11/13/1965USA
2Dolphin Patrol11/20/1965USA
2A Job for Sandy11/27/1965USA
2Flipper and the Horse Thieves12/04/1965USA
2Flipper and the Bounty12/11/1965USA
2Shark Hunt12/18/1965USA
2Flipper, the Detective12/25/1965USA
2Flipper's Odyssey: Part 101/08/1966USA
2Flipper's Odyssey: Part 201/15/1966USA
2Flipper's Odyssey: Part 301/22/1966USA
2Flipper and the Shark Cage02/05/1966USA
2The Lobster Trap02/12/1966USA
2Air Power02/19/1966USA
2Gift Dolphin02/26/1966USA
2The Raccoon Who Came to Dinner03/05/1966USA
2Flipper Joins the Navy: Part 103/12/1966USA
2Flipper Joins the Navy: Part 203/19/1966USA
2Flipper's Underwater Museum03/26/1966USA
2Deep Waters04/02/1966USA
2Dolphin Love: Part 104/09/1966USA
2Dolphin Love: Part 204/16/1966USA
3Agent Bud09/17/1966USA
3Disaster in the Everglades: Part 109/24/1966USA
3Disaster in the Everglades: Part 210/01/1966USA
3Lost Dolphin10/08/1966USA
3The Warning10/15/1966USA
3Cupid Flipper10/22/1966USA
3An Errand for Flipper10/29/1966USA
3Whale Ahoy11/05/1966USA
3Executive Bud11/19/1966USA
3Flipper and the Puppy11/26/1966USA
3Flipper's Island12/03/1966USA6
3Alligator Duel12/10/1966USA
3Flipper and the Fugitive: Part 101/07/1967USA
3Flipper and the Fugitive: Part 201/14/1967USA
3The Most Expensive Sardine in the World01/21/1967USA
3Flipper and the Seal01/28/1967USA
3Dolphins Don't Sleep02/04/1967USA
3Aunt Martha02/11/1967USA
3Dolphin for Ransom02/18/1967USA
3A Dolphin in Time02/25/1967USA
3Decision for Bud03/04/1967USA
3The Firing Line: Part 103/11/1967USA
3The Firing Line: Part 203/18/1967USA
3Devil Ray03/25/1967USA
3Cap'n Flint04/01/1967USA
3Flipper's New Friends: Part 104/08/1967USA
3Flipper's New Friends: Part 204/15/1967USA