SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1One Just Man10/01/1954
1Set a Murderer10/08/1954
1Let Murder Be Done10/15/1954
1Dr. Damon's Experiment10/22/1954
1Death Pays No Dividends10/29/1954
1Gabriel's Choice11/05/1954
1The Diamond Expert11/12/1954
1The Secret Place11/19/1954
1The Fair and the Fallen11/26/1954
1The Eavesdropper12/03/1954
1The Very Silent Traveler12/10/1954
1Yellow Robe12/17/1954
1Lucky Man12/24/1954
1The Gamblers12/31/1954
1Count of Twelve01/07/1955
1The Final Column01/14/1955
1The Benevolent Burglar01/21/1955
1Blind Man's Bluff01/28/1955
1The Eighth Window02/04/1955
1Broken Honeymoon02/11/195510
1Death on the Boards02/18/1955
1Behind the Mask02/25/1955
1Dress Rehersal03/04/1955
1Cruel Test03/11/1955
1The Deception03/18/1955
1Week-End Guest03/25/1955
1The Fame and the Fury04/01/1955
1Ring of Greed04/08/1955
1The Gentlemen04/15/1955
1The Schemer04/22/1955
1Double Pay-Off04/29/1955
1Account Closed05/06/1955
1The Serpent Beneath05/13/1955
Price of Vanity 05/20/1955
1Man in Demand05/27/1955
1The Homing Chinaman06/03/1955
1Rattan Trunk06/10/19554
1Murder of a Ham06/17/1955
1The Better Chance06/24/1955
2Diplomatic Error07/01/1955
Stranglehold 07/08/1955
2The Corpse in Room Thirteen07/15/19556
2Death Walks by Night07/22/1955
2The Verdict07/29/1955
2The Bargain08/05/1955
2Death in White08/19/1955
2The Broken Link08/26/1955
2Never Let Me Die09/02/1955
2Bond of Hate09/09/19556
2Death Mask09/16/1955
2Side Entrance09/23/1955
2The Search for Martha Harris09/30/1955
2Money to Burn10/07/1955
2Two of a Kind10/14/1955
2Cross Channel10/21/1955
2Death Takes No Holiday10/28/1955
2Dead Man's Evidence11/04/1955
2Stranger in Town11/11/1955
2By Persons Unknown11/18/1955
2Killer at Large11/25/1955
2Wrong Time Murder12/02/1955
2Gift from Heaven12/09/1955
2Second Sight12/16/1955
3A Lady Is Missing12/23/1955
3Diamond Cut Diamond12/30/1955
3No Reply from Room 1703/02/1956
3Frame Up Without Gloves04/13/1956
4File It under Murder06/20/1957
4If This Be Murder06/27/1957
4Sing Softly Sister07/04/1957
4Receipt for Murder07/11/1957
4Against the Ropes07/18/19576
4Safe for Murder07/25/1957
4Holiday for Heatherton08/01/1957
4Kill Me My Love09/18/1957
5Hands Across the Sea09/20/1957
4Corpse in the Cellar09/25/1957
5Deep in the Heart of Chelsea09/27/1957
5Death by Delayed Payment10/04/1957
4Cage of Fear10/09/1957
5The Missing Hours10/11/1957
4A Hat Full of Trouble10/16/1957
4Return to Danger10/23/1957
5Girls and Diamonds10/25/1957
4Bullets for Saber10/30/1957
5Murder Shall Speak11/01/1957UK1816
4Cry Wolf11/06/1957
5The Baby-Sitter11/08/1957
4The Very Last Witness11/13/1957
4Corpse with a Sword11/20/1957
4Find Harry Clay11/27/1957
5The Law and the Lawless11/29/1957
4Short Cut to Murder12/04/1957
4Tough Part12/11/1957
4The Root of Evil12/18/1957
4Signature for Murder01/03/1958
4Murder by Error01/17/1958
4Man on a Cliff01/24/1958
4The Sound of Death01/31/19588
4Diamond Jubilee02/07/1958
4Dram of Death02/10/1958
4A Coin's Worth of Murder02/18/1958
4The Hostage02/25/1958
4Death in a Flask03/11/1958
4Bishops Sometimes Bite03/25/1958
4The Sucker Game04/01/1958
4Farewell Mrs.Forrest04/03/1958
4You Can't Live Twice04/08/1958
4Short Dark and Handsome04/22/1958
3The Big snatch04/29/1958
3Blood in the Sky05/06/1958
3The Captive Brain05/20/1958
3A Coffin for Johnny05/27/1958
3Collectors Item06/03/1958
3Death Has Three Faces06/07/1958
6Background for Murder07/24/1958
3Death Needs No Cane08/22/1958
3Find a Body09/05/1958
6Curse of Death10/12/1958
6The Killer and the Kid10/19/1958
6Paid Off10/26/1958
6Trap for Murder11/02/1958
6Night on the Town11/09/1958
4Back Track to Murder11/13/1958
5Lillies for Lucas11/20/1958
6Where There's a Will11/23/1958
4The Pink Scarf11/27/1958
6A Toast to Death11/30/1958
6It Wakes at Night12/07/1958
6The Lady Doesn't Scare12/21/1958
6Uncle William12/28/1958
3Hear No Evil01/09/1959
3Killer on the Prowl01/16/1959
3There's Danger in Beauty01/21/195910
3Walk Softly for Murder01/28/1959
3The Night Has Secrets01/30/1959
3The Girl from Rome02/01/1959
4Death Wears a Coronet02/04/1959
3The Long Wait02/06/1959
3The Sally Ankers Story02/27/1959
3Shroud for a Lady03/18/1959
3It's Only Mink03/19/1959
6Double Take04/05/1959
6Cooked-Up Murder04/12/1959
6Dark Moments04/19/1959
5Hour of Decision04/30/1959
6Silent Accusation05/03/19593
5Saber's Bow and Arrow05/21/1959
5Man About to Die05/27/1959
3Deadline for Murder06/10/1959
5The Case of Mr Shore06/17/1959
5The Captain and His Killers09/13/1959
5Dead Man's Hands10/06/1959
3Murder for Gain10/07/1959
5The Penny Black10/18/1959
5Beyond Fear11/27/1959
5The Maid Was Curious04/18/1960
5Black Pawn, White Pawn09/05/1960
5Luger for Chesser11/22/1960
5Don't Lose Your Shirt11/28/1960
Death at His Fingertips06/26/196161
6Under Suspicion09/04/1961