Spy Trap

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Checkpoint, Part 203/14/19727
1Checkpoint, Part 303/15/19727
1Checkpoint, Part 403/16/19727
The Defector03/20/19729
1The Defector, Part 203/21/19728
1The Defector, Part 303/22/19728
1The Defector, Part 403/23/19728
Package Deal03/27/197210
1Package Deal, Part 203/28/19729
1Package Deal, Part 303/29/19729
1Package Deal, Part 403/30/19729
The Contract04/05/1972 7:00 pmBBC1UK8
1The Contract, Part 204/06/19726
A Visit from Hamburg04/07/19729
1A Visit from Hamburg, Part 204/08/19727
Double Agent04/19/19727
1Double Agent: Part 204/20/19727
1Time to Kill: Part 104/26/197210
1Time to Kill: Part 204/27/19728
1Girl in Waiting: Part 105/05/19729
1Girl in Waiting: Part 205/06/19729
1Redmayne: Part 105/10/1972 7:00 pmBBC1UK11
1Redmayne: Part 205/11/19729
1The Executioner: Part 105/17/19728
1The Executioner: Part 205/18/19727
1The Executioner: Part 305/24/19727
1The Executioner: Part 405/25/1972 7:00 pmBBC1UK7
1Lorna: Part 105/31/197212
1Lorna: Part 206/01/1972 7:00 pmBBC1UK10
1Who Among Us?: Part 106/07/197213
1Who Among Us?: Part 206/08/197210
1Who Among Us?: Part 306/14/197210
1Who Among Us?: Part 406/15/197210
1Who Among Us?: Part 506/21/197210
1Who Among Us?: Part 606/22/197213
2Sullivan09/11/1973 8:15 pmBBC1UK12
2Anything Legal Considered09/18/197312
2The National Interest09/25/19737
2The Carrot and the Stick10/02/197313
2A Perfect Victim10/09/197310
2A Hero's Return10/16/197310
2Sale of Work10/23/197311
2Salvage10/30/1973 8:15 pmBBC1UK11
2Areas of Guilt11/06/197312
2Safe Conduct11/13/19739
2The Italian Link11/20/197311
2Dearly Beloved... and Dead11/27/197313
2Desperate Men12/04/1973 8:15 pmBBC1UK11
2A Dirty Sort of War12/11/1973 8:15 pmBBC1UK10
2The Mackten Circle12/18/197310
3Look for the Ugly03/21/19759
3The Cornet and the Beast03/28/197513
3A Nice Place to Live04/04/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK10
3With Friends Like You04/11/19758
3Distant Relations04/18/197511
3To Kill a Unicorn04/25/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK6
3Truth Won't Out05/02/19759
3April Sixty-Seven05/09/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK13
3The Melioidosis Report05/16/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK4
3The Merrin Memoirs05/23/19756