Merrie Melodies

The distinction betwixt Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes originally derived from their musical content and production teams, but later the these rules were thrown out.
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I have numbered the Seasons to match which DVD Volume-Disc the cartoon appears on.

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
I Wanna Play House01/11/1936
The Cat Came Back02/08/1936
Miss Glory03/07/1936
I'm a Big Shot Now04/11/1936
Let It Be Me05/09/1936
I'd Love to Take Orders From You05/16/1936
Bingo Crosbyana05/30/1936
When I Yoo Hoo06/27/1936
I Love to Singa07/18/1936
Sunday Go to Meetin' Time08/08/1936
At Your Service Madame08/29/1936
Toytown Hall09/19/1936
Boulevardier From the Bronx10/10/1936
Don't Look Now11/07/1936
3-2The Coo-Coo Nut Grove11/28/1936
He Was Her Man01/02/1937
I Only Have Eyes For You03/06/1937
The Fella With the Fiddle03/27/1937
3-2She Was an Acrobat's Daughter04/10/1937
Ain't We Got Fun05/01/1937
Clean Pastures05/22/1937
Uncle Tom's Bungalow06/05/1937
Streamlined Greta Green06/19/1937
Sweet Sioux07/03/1937
Egghead Rides Again07/17/1937
Plenty of Money and You07/31/1937
A Sunbonnet Blue08/21/1937
3-2Speaking of the Weather09/04/1937
Dog Daze09/18/1937
I Wanna Be a Sailor09/25/1937
The Lyin' Mouse10/16/1937
Little Red Walking Hood11/06/1937
3-2The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos12/04/1937
September in the Rain12/18/1937
3-4Daffy Duck and Egghead01/01/1938
My Little Buckeroo01/29/1938
Jungle Jitters02/19/1938
The Sneezing Weasel03/12/1938
A Star is Hatched04/02/1938
The Penguin Parade04/23/1938
You're an Education05/05/1938
Now That Summer is Gone05/14/1938
The Isle of Pingo Pongo05/28/1938
2-4Katnip Kollege06/11/1938
Have You Got Any Castles?06/25/1938
Love and Curses07/09/1938
Cinderella Meets Fella07/23/1938
The Major Lied Till Dawn08/13/1938
A-Lad-In Bagdad08/27/1938
Cracked Ice09/10/1938
A Feud There Was09/24/1938
Little Pancho Vanilla10/08/1938
Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas10/22/1938
The Night Watchman11/19/1938
Daffy Duck in Hollywood12/03/1938
Count Me Out12/17/1938
Dog Gone Modern01/14/1939
Hamateur Night01/28/1939
Robin Hood Makes Good02/11/1939
Gold Rush Daze02/25/1939
A Day at the Zoo03/11/1939
Prest-o Change-o03/25/1939
Bars and Stripes Forever04/08/1939
Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur04/22/1939
Thugs With Dirty Mugs05/06/1939
Naughty But Mice05/20/1939
Hobo Gadget Band05/27/1939
Believe it, or Else06/03/1939
Old Glory07/01/193943
Dangerous Dan McFoo07/15/193963
Snow Man's Land07/29/1939
Hare-Um Scare-Um08/12/1939
Detouring America08/26/1939
Little Brother Rat09/02/1939
Sioux Me09/09/1939
Land of the Midnight Fun09/23/1939
Little Lion Hunter10/07/1939
The Good Egg10/21/1939
Fresh Fish11/04/1939
Fagin's Freshman11/18/1939
Sniffles and the Bookworm12/02/1939
Screwball Football12/16/1939
The Curious Puppy12/30/1939
The Early Worm Gets the Bird01/13/1940
Mighty Hunters01/27/1940
Busy Bakers02/10/1940
1-3Elmer's Candid Camera03/02/194032
Cross-Country Detours03/16/1940
Confederate Honey03/30/1940
The Bear's Tale04/13/1940
The Hardship of Miles Standish04/27/1940
Sniffles Takes a Trip05/11/1940
A Gander at Mother Goose05/25/1940
Tom Thumb in Trouble06/08/1940
Circus Today06/22/1940
Little Blabbermouse07/06/1940
The Egg Collector07/20/1940
A Wild Hare07/27/1940
Ghost Wanted08/10/1940
Ceiling Hero08/24/1940
Malibu Beach Party09/14/1940
Stage Fright09/28/1940
Holiday Highlights10/12/1940
Good Night, Elmer10/26/1940
Wacky Wildlife11/09/1940
Bedtime For Sniffles11/23/1940
Of Fox and Hounds12/07/1940
Shop, Look, and Listen12/21/1940
Elmer's Pet Rabbit01/04/194122
The Fighting 69 1/2th01/18/1941
Sniffles Bells the Cat02/01/1941
The Crackpot Quail02/15/1941
The Cat's Tale03/01/1941
2-1Tortoise Beats Hare03/15/1941
3-2Goofy Groceries03/29/1941
Toy Trouble04/12/1941
The Trail of Mr. Wolf04/26/1941
Farm Frolics05/10/1941
2-4Hollywood Steps Out05/24/1941
Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt06/07/1941
The Wacky Worm06/21/1941
2-1The Heckling Hare07/05/1941
Inki and the Lion07/19/1941
Aviation Vacation08/02/1941
Sport Chumpions08/16/1941
Snow Time For Comedy08/30/1941
All This and Rabbit Stew09/13/1941
The Brave Little Bat09/27/1941
The Bug Parade10/11/1941
Rookie Revue10/25/1941
Saddle Silly11/08/1941
The Cagey Canary11/22/1941
Rhapsody in Rivets12/06/1941
1-1Wabbit Twouble12/20/194122
Hop, Skip, and a Chump01/03/1942
The Bird Came C.O.D.01/17/1942
Aloha Hooey01/31/1942
Conrad the Sailor02/28/1942
Crazy Cruise03/14/1942
3-1The Wabbit Who Came to Supper03/28/1942
Horton Hatches the Egg04/11/1942
Dog Tired04/25/1942
5-3The Wacky Wabbit05/02/194222
The Draft Horse05/09/1942
Lights Fantastic05/23/1942
Hold the Lion, Please06/13/1942
Double Chaser06/27/1942
1-3Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid07/11/194243
Foney Fables08/01/1942
The Squawkin' Hawk08/08/1942
Fresh Hare08/22/1942
Fox Pop09/05/1942
The Dover Boys09/19/1942
The Sheepish Wolf10/17/1942
1-4The Hare-Brained Hypnotist10/31/194222
A Tale of Two Kitties11/21/1942
Ding Dog Daddy12/05/1942
3-1Case of the Missing Hare12/12/1942
Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs01/16/194365
3-3Pigs in a Polka02/06/1943
1-3Tortoise Wins By a Hare02/20/1943
Fifth Column Mouse03/06/1943
Flop Goes the Weasel03/20/1943
The Unbearable Bear04/17/1943
Greetings Bait05/15/1943
Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk06/12/1943
The Aristo-Cat06/19/1943
3-1Wackiki Wabbit07/03/1943
Tin Pan Alley Cats07/17/1943
Hiss and Make Up09/11/1943
2-4A Corny Concerto09/25/1943
Fin N' Catty10/23/1943
3-4Falling Hare10/30/194321
Inki and the Mynah Bird11/13/1943
3-4An Itch in Time12/04/1943
2-1Little Red Riding Rabbit01/01/1944
What's Cookin', Doc?01/08/1944
Meatless Flyday01/29/1944
1-3Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears02/26/1944USA43
The Weakly Reporter03/25/1944
Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips04/22/1944
Russian Rhapsody05/20/1944
Slightly Daffy06/17/1944
Hare Ribbin'06/24/1944
3-1Hare Force07/22/19443
Birdy and the Beast08/19/1944
Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears09/02/1944
Lost and Foundling09/30/1944
The Old Grey Hare10/28/1944
2-4Stage Door Cartoon12/30/1944
Herr Meets Hare01/13/1945
The Unruly Hare02/10/1945
Life With Feathers03/24/1945
Hare Trigger05/05/1945
3-4A Gruesome Twosome06/09/1945
Wagon Heels07/28/1945
Fresh Airedale08/25/1945
Peck Up Your Troubles10/20/1945
Nasty Quacks12/01/1945
Holiday For Shoestrings02/23/1946
3-1Hare Remover03/23/1946
Hollywood Canine Canteen04/20/1946
1-3Hair-Raising Hare05/25/1946
Hollywood Daffy06/22/1946
The Eager Beaver07/13/1946
Bacall to Arms08/03/1946
3-4Walky Talky Hawky08/31/1946
Fair and Worm-er09/28/1946
The Mouse-Merized Cat10/19/1946
2-4Rhapsody Rabbit11/09/1946
One Meat Brawl01/18/1947
The Gay Anties02/15/1947
3-1A Hare Grows in Manhattan03/22/19477
2-3Tweetie Pie05/03/1947
A Pest in the House05/17/1947
Inki at the Circus06/21/1947
The Foxy Duckling08/23/1947
Doggone Cats10/25/1947
2-1Slick Hare11/01/1947
Catch as Cats Can12/06/1947
Two Gophers From Texas01/17/1948
3-3Daffy Duck Slept Here03/06/1948
A Hick, a Slick, and a Chick03/16/1948
2-4Back Alley Op-Roar03/27/1948
I Taw a Putty Tat04/03/1948
3-4Rabbit Punch04/10/1948
Nothing But the Tooth05/01/1948
Bone Sweet Bone05/22/1948
2-1Bugs Bunny Rides Again06/12/1948
The Shell-Shocked Egg07/10/1948
You Were Never Duckier08/07/1948
Dough Ray Me-Ow08/14/1948
Hot Cross Bunny08/21/1948
Hare Splitter09/25/1948
1-4The Foghorn Leghorn10/09/1948
Daffy Dilly10/30/1948
Riff Raffy Daffy11/27/1948
1-1My Bunny Lies Over the Sea12/04/1948
1-2Scaredy Cat12/18/1948
3-1Hare Do01/15/1949
Holiday For Drumsticks01/22/1949
The Awful Orphan01/29/1949
Daffy Duck Hunt03/26/194921
3-1Rebel Rabbit04/09/1949
2-2Mouse Wreckers04/23/1949
1-1High Diving Hare04/30/194911
The Bee-Deviled Bruin05/14/1949
3-1Bowery Bugs06/04/1949
Mouse Mazurka06/11/1949
Knights Must Fall07/16/1949
2-3Bad Ol' Putty Tat07/23/1949
1-2Dough For the Do-Do09/03/1949
Each Dawn I Crow09/24/1949
Frigid Hare10/07/1949USA21
3-3Bye, Bye, Bluebeard10/22/1949
Hippety Hopper11/19/1949
Rabbit Hood12/24/1949
Home Tweet Home01/14/1950
Hurdy Gurdy Hare01/21/1950
3-1Homeless Hare03/11/1950
Strife With Father04/01/1950
1-3The Hypo-Chondri-Cat04/15/195032
His Bitter Half05/20/1950
3-3An Egg Scramble05/27/1950
1-2Golden Yeggs08/05/1950
3-1Hillbilly Hare08/12/1950
Dog Gone South08/26/19503
The Ducksters09/02/19502
A Fractured Leghorn09/16/1950
1-4Bunker Hill Bunny09/23/1950
1-4Canary Row10/07/1950
Stooge For a Mouse10/21/1950
Dog Collared12/02/1950
Hare We Go01/06/1951
A Fox in a Fix01/20/1951
Corn Plastered03/03/1951
2-1Bunny Hugged03/10/1951
Scent-imental Romeo03/24/1951
A Hound for Trouble04/28/19512
1-4Early to Bet05/12/1951
2-3Room and Bird06/02/1951
2-1French Rarebit06/30/1951
Leghorn Swoggled07/28/1951
2-2Cheese Chasers08/25/1951
1-4Tweety's S.O.S.09/22/1951
1-1Ballot Box Bunny10/06/1951
Sleepy-Time Possum11/03/1951
1-2Drip-Along Daffy11/17/1951
1-1Big Top Bunny12/01/19513
1-3Feed the Kitty02/02/195232
Foxy By Proxy02/23/1952
Little Beau Pepe03/29/1952
Kiddin' the Kitten04/05/1952
Little Red Rodent Hood05/03/1952
2-2Beep, Beep!05/24/1952
The Turn-Tale Wolf06/28/1952
Cracked Quack07/05/1952
2-3Oily Hare07/26/1952
Hoppy Go Lucky08/09/1952
2-2Going! Going! Gosh!08/23/1952
1-1Rabbit Seasoning09/20/195222
The Egg-Cited Rooster10/04/1952
Tree For Two10/18/1952
1-1Rabbit's Kin11/15/195222
Terrier Stricken11/29/1952
A Mouse Divided01/31/1953
1-2Duck Amuck02/28/1953
Upswept Hare03/14/1953
Fowl Weather04/04/1953
Muscle Tussle04/18/195332
Much Ado About Nutting05/23/1953
Hare Trimmed06/20/1953
Tom-Tom Tomcat06/27/1953
1-2Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century07/25/1953
Cat-Tails For Two08/29/1953
2-2Zipping Along09/19/1953
3-1Duck! Rabbit! Duck!10/03/1953
Catty Cornered10/31/1953
Cats A-Weigh11/28/1953
Captain Hareblower01/16/1954
I Gopher You01/30/1954
Wild Wife02/20/1954
3-4No Barking02/27/1954
Bell Hoppy04/17/1954
3-3Claws For Alarm05/22/195421
Muzzle Tough06/26/1954
The Oily American07/10/1954
2-2Stop, Look, and Hasten08/14/1954
Goo Goo Goliath09/18/1954
Quack Shot10/30/1954
My Little Duckaroo11/27/1954
Sheep Ahoy12/11/1954
2-1Baby Buggy Bunny12/18/19542
Pizzicato Pussycat01/01/1955
Feather Dusted01/15/1955
Pests For Guests01/29/1955
Beanstalk Bunny02/12/1955
Stork Naked02/26/1955
Lighthouse Mouse03/12/1955
Hare Brush05/07/1955
Past Perfumance05/21/1955
Tweety's Circus06/04/1955
This is a Life?07/09/1955
Jumpin' Jupiter08/06/1955
A Kiddie's Kitty08/20/1955
1-4Speedy Gonzales09/17/1955
Knight-Mare Hare10/01/1955
Two Scents Worth10/15/1955
Pappy's Puppy12/17/1955
2-4One Froggy Evening12/31/1955
Bugs Bonnets01/04/1956
The High and the Flighty02/18/1956
3-3Rocket Squad03/10/1956
Heaven Scent03/31/1956
Tree Cornered Tweety05/19/1956
The Unexpected Pest06/02/1956
Napoleon Bunny-Part06/16/1956
Tugboat Granny06/23/1956
Rocket-Bye Baby08/04/1956
Half Fare Hare08/18/1956
The Slap-Hoppy Mouse09/01/1956
Yankee Dood It10/13/1956
3-2Wideo Wabbit10/27/1956
Two Crows From Tacos11/24/1956
To Hare is Human12/15/19562
Tweet Zoo01/12/1957
Ali Baba Bunny02/09/1957
Tweety and the Beanstalk03/16/1957
Bedevilled Rabbit04/13/1957
Boyhood Daze04/20/1957
Fox Terror05/11/1957
2-4What's Opera, Doc?07/06/1957
3-4Birds Anonymous08/10/1957
Ducking the Devil08/17/1957
Touche and Go10/12/1957
Mouse-Taken Identity11/16/1957
Rabbit Romeo12/14/1957
Don't Axe Me01/04/1958
Hare-Less Wolf02/01/1958
3-3Robin Hood Daffy03/08/1958
2-2Whoa Be-Gone!04/12/1958
Feather Bluster05/10/1958
To Itch His Own06/28/1958
Weasel While You Work09/06/1958
A Bird in a Bonnet09/27/1958
Hip- Hip- Hurry!12/06/1958
Cat Feud12/20/1958
Mouse-Placed Kitten01/24/1959
Hare-Abian Nights02/28/1959
Trick or Tweet03/21/1959
3-2The Mouse That Jack Built04/04/1959
Apes of Wrath04/18/19591
Backwoods Bunny06/13/1959
Really Scent06/27/1959
Tweet and Lovely07/18/1959
Bonanza Bunny09/05/1959
Wild About Hurry10/10/1959
Unnatural History11/14/1959
People are Bunny12/19/1959
West of the Pesos01/23/1960
Wild Wild World02/27/1960
Person to Bunny04/02/1960
Hyde and Go Tweet05/14/1960
Ready, Woolen, and Able07/30/1960
From Hare to Heir09/03/1960
The Dixie Fryer09/24/1960
Hopalong Casualty10/08/1960
Trip For Tat10/29/1960
Dog Gone People11/12/1960
Lighter Than Hare12/17/1960
Zip N' Snort01/21/1961
The Mouse On 57th Street02/25/1961
Strangled Eggs03/18/1961
Birds of a Father04/01/1961
D' Fightin' Ones04/22/1961
Compressed Hare07/29/1961
Beep Prepared11/11/1961
3-2The Last Hungry Cat12/02/1961
Nelly's Folly12/30/1961
A Sheep in the Deep02/10/1962
Quackodile Tears03/31/1962
Crow's Feat04/21/1962
Bill of Hare06/09/1962
Zoom at the Top06/30/1962
The Jet Cage09/22/1962
Mother Was a Rooster10/20/1962
I Was a Teenage Thumb01/19/1963
Devil's Feud Cake02/09/1963
Fast Buck Duck03/09/1963
Woolen Under Where05/11/1963
Banty Raids06/29/1963
Chili Weather08/17/1963
The Unmentionables09/07/1963
Aqua Duck09/28/1963
Mad as a Mars Hare10/19/1963
Claws in the Lease11/09/1963
Transylvania 6-500011/30/1963
3-4To Beep or Not to Beep12/28/1963
Bartholomew Versus the Wheel02/29/1964
Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare03/28/1964
Hawaiian Aye Aye06/27/1964
Road to Andalay12/26/1964
Cats and Bruises01/30/1965
The Wild Chase02/27/1965
Assault and Peppered04/24/1965
Suppressed Duck06/26/1965
Corn On the Cop07/24/1965
Rushing Roulette07/31/1965
Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner08/21/1965
Tired and Feathered09/18/1965
Boulder Wham!10/09/1965
Just Plane Beep10/30/1965
Hairied and Hurried11/13/1965
Go Go Amigo11/20/1965
Chaser On the Rocks12/25/1965
Muchos Locos01/29/1966
Mexican Mouse-Piece02/12/1966
Out and Out Rout03/12/1966
Clippety Clobbered03/26/1966
Snow Excuse05/21/1966
Feather Finger08/20/1966
A Taste of Catnip12/03/1966
Daffy's Diner01/28/1967
The Music Mice-Tro05/27/1967
Speedy Ghost to Town07/29/1967
Go Away Stowaway09/30/1967
Merlin the Magic Mouse11/18/1967
Norman Normal02/03/1968
Big Game Haunt02/10/1968
Skyscraper Caper03/09/1968
Hippydrome Tiger03/30/1968
Feud With a Dude05/25/1968
The Door06/29/1968
Bunny and Claude11/23/1968
Chimp and Zee11/30/1968
The Great Carrot Train Robbery01/25/1969
Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too06/07/1969
Shamrock and Roll06/28/1969
Bugged By a Bee08/09/1969
Injun Trouble09/20/1969
The Night of the Living Duck09/23/198842
Daffy & Porky in the William Tell Overture04/17/199111
(Blooper) Bunny06/13/19972