Nothing Trivial

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Who Was the Lady Love of John Wayne Bobbitt?07/20/2011TV2NZ16
1What Colour is a Bichon Frise?07/27/2011TV2NZ
1Who Performed the 1987 Hit Song 'Time of My Life'?08/03/2011TV2NZ
1What is a Petard?08/10/2011TV2NZ173
1Who Wrote 'The Art of War'?08/17/2011TV2NZ1716
1Which Street in LA Is Known as Bad Boy Drive?08/24/2011TV2NZ144
1What Is the Expression 'Seize the Day' in Latin?08/31/2011TV2NZ155
1What Is a Pyrrhic Victory?09/07/2011TV2NZ
1Who Said "I'm Extraordinarily Patient Provided I Get My Own Way in the End"?09/14/2011TV2NZ
1Who Said "Risk! Risk Anything"?09/21/2011TV2NZ
1Who had the Hit Single 'Look Back in Anger' in 1996?09/28/2011TV2NZ
1Who Said "A Happy Family Is But an Earlier Heaven"?10/05/2011TV2NZ
1"All the News That's Fit to Print" Is the Motto of Which Newspaper?10/12/2011TV2NZ