Grandpa in My Pocket

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Beowulf the Brilliant02/10/2009
1Princess Purpelovna's Plan02/16/2009
1Mr Krumpgrumble's Visit02/17/200977
1The Most Splendiferous Sandcastle in Sunnysands02/18/2009
1A Fabulous Family Photo02/19/2009
1Miss Smiley's Summer Show02/20/2009
1The Wonderful World of Mr Whoops02/23/2009
1Chaos in the Cafe02/24/2009
1The Day the Baby Came to Stay02/25/2009
1A Garden Full of Beasts02/26/2009
1A Toy for a Boy Called Troy02/27/2009
1Trouble for Bubbles03/02/2009
1Shake Up and Shape Up03/03/2009
1Mr Marvelloso's Magic Show03/04/2009
1Getting Aunt Loretta Better03/06/2009
1Sweet Dreams for Cousin Alvin03/09/2009
1Something to Treasure Forever03/10/2009
1A Saturday Full of Surprises03/11/2009
1Magic in the Air03/12/2009
1Nothing Stops Grandpa03/13/2009
1Grandpa's Busy Bee Day03/16/2009
1Captain Dumbletwit's Spaceship Cake03/17/2009
2Captain Dumbletwit's Toughest Mission Yet!02/15/2010
2Mr Mentor's Custard Puff Plopper02/16/2010
2A Carrot Called Christopher and Other Odd Vegetables02/18/2010
2Taking Floyd for a Ride02/19/2010
2Trying to Play with Shy Shanay02/22/2010
2A Day for a Play at Miss Smiley's Cafe02/23/2010
2Jemima's New Best Friend02/24/2010
2Bubbles and Squeak02/25/2010
2No More Dolls for Dora02/26/2010
2A Very Needy Speedy Edie03/01/2010
2Making the Most of Max03/02/2010
2Miss Smiley's Strawberry Surprise03/03/2010
2In It to Win It!03/04/2010
2Horatio Heave Ho!03/05/2010
2Great Aunt Loretta's Not-So-Great Plan03/08/2010
2Mr Whoops' Toy of the Week03/09/2010
2The Perfect Little Litter Picker03/10/2010
2Big Elf Little Elf03/11/2010
2A Song for Miss Smiley03/12/2010
2Mr Scoffbucket the Goat03/15/2010
2Miss Smiley's Dancing Tea03/16/2010
2A Sunnysands Tick Tock Shock03/17/2010
2Wulfy's Day with Mr Whoops03/18/2010
2Captain Shipshape and a Fish Called Bryan03/19/2010
2Grandpa's Greatest Escape Ever03/20/2010
3The Magic of Christmas02/11/20119
3No Ordinary Pig02/14/2011
3Lighthouse View, as Good as New02/15/2011
3Boom a Boom Whoop Zing Zoo!02/16/2011
3Lenora the Explorer02/17/2011
3A Captain Dumbletwit Box of Tricks02/18/2011
3No Help for Alvin02/21/2011
3Mr Mentor's Marvelicious Inventing Club02/22/2011
3More Than a Biscuit for Mrs McWhiskit02/23/2011
3A Day to Do What You Like to Do02/24/2011
3No Mention of an Invention02/25/2011
3The Sunnysands School for Pirates02/28/2011
3Mr Greator the Creator03/01/2011
3Mr Whoops' Wonderful Wedding03/02/2011