Great War

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1On the Idle Hill of Summer...05/30/19646
1For Such a Stupid Reason Too06/06/1964
1We Must Hack Our Way Through06/13/1964
1Our Hats We Doff to General Joffre06/20/1964
1This Business May Last a Long Time06/27/19641711
1So Sleep Easy in Your Beds07/04/1964
1We Await the Heavenly Manna07/11/1964
1Why Don't You Come and Help?07/18/1964 7:35 pmBBC2UK
1Please God Send Us Victory07/25/1964 7:35 pmBBC2UK
1What Are Our Allies Doing?08/01/1964
1Hell Cannot Be So Terrible08/08/1964 7:35 pmBBC2UK6
1For Gawd's Sake Don't Send Me08/15/19646
1The Devil Is Coming08/22/1964
1All This It Is Our Duty to Bear08/29/1964
1We Are Betrayed, Sold, Lost09/05/1964
1Right Is More Precious Than Peace09/13/1964
1Surely We Have Perished09/20/1964 7:55 pmBBC2UK
1Fat Rodzyanko Has Sent Me Some Nonsense09/27/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK6
1The Hell Where Youth and Laughter Go10/04/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK
1Only War, Nothing But War10/11/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK
1It Was Like the End of the World10/18/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK6
1Damn Them, Are They Never Coming In?10/25/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK
1When Must the End Be?11/01/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK
1Allah Made Mesopotamia... and Added Flies11/08/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK
1The Iron Thrones Are Falling11/15/1964
1And We Were Young11/22/1964 7:25 pmBBC2UK
I Was There: The Great War Interviews03/14/20142423