Sailor Moon

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1A Moon Star Is Born09/11/1995
1Talk Radio09/12/1995
1Slim City09/13/1995
1So You Want to Be a Superstar09/14/1995
1Computer School Blues09/15/1995
1Time Bomb09/18/1995
1An Uncharmed Life09/19/1995
1Nightmare in Dreamland09/20/1995
1Cruise Blues09/21/1995
1Fight to the Finish09/22/1995
1Match Point for Sailor Moon09/25/1995
1An Unnatural Phenomena09/26/1995
1Wedding Day Blues09/27/1995
1Shutter Bugged09/28/1995
1Dangerous Dollies09/29/1995
1Who Is That Masked Man?10/02/1995
1An Animated Mess10/03/1995
1Worth a Princess's Ransom10/04/1995
1Molly's Folly10/05/1995
1A Friend in Wolf's Clothing10/06/1995
1Jupiter Comes Thundering In10/09/1995
1The Power of Friendship10/10/1995
1Mercury's Mental Match10/11/1995
1An Artful Attack10/12/1995
1Too Many Girlfriends10/13/1995
1Grandpa's Follies10/16/1995
1Kitty Chaos10/17/1995
1Tuxedo Melvin10/18/1995
1Sailor V Makes the Scene10/19/1995
1A Crystal Clear Destiny10/20/1995
1A Reluctant Princess10/23/1995
1Bad Hair Day10/24/1995
1Little Miss Manners10/25/1995
1Ski Bunny Blues10/26/1995
1Ice Princess10/27/1995
1Last Resort10/30/1995
1Tuxedo Unmasked10/31/1995
1Fractious Friends11/01/1995
1The Past Returns11/02/1995
1Day of Destiny11/03/1995
2Serena Times Two11/06/1995
2The Cosmetics Caper11/07/1995
2Sailor Mercury Moving On?11/08/1995
2Gramps in a Pickle11/09/1995
2Trouble Comes Thundering Down11/10/1995
2A Charmed Life11/13/1995
2A Curried Favor11/14/1995
2Naughty N' Nice11/15/1995
2Prediction of Doom11/16/1995
2Enemies No More11/17/1995
2Sibling Rivalry11/21/1995
2The Return of Sailor Moon11/22/1995
2So You Want to Be in Pictures11/23/1995
2A Knight to Remember11/24/1995
2VR Madness11/27/1995
2Cherry Blossom Time11/28/1995
2Kindergarten Chaos11/29/1995
2Much Ado About Baby Sitting11/30/1995
2Raye's Day in the Spotlight12/01/1995
2Food Fetish12/04/1995
2Mirror, Mirror on the Wall12/05/1995
2Detention Doldrums12/06/1995
2Secret Garden12/07/1995
2Rubeus Evens the Score11/30/1998
2Rubeus Strikes Out12/01/1998
2The Secret of the Luna Sphere12/02/1998
2Emerald Takes Over12/03/1998
2Promises Fulfilled12/04/1998
2No Thanks, Nurse Venus!12/07/1998
2Dog Day for Artemis12/08/1998
2Smart Pay Off12/09/1998
2Child's Play12/10/1998
2Future Shocked12/11/1998
2Legend of the Negamoon12/14/1998
2Jealousy's Just Reward12/15/1998
2Birth of Wicked Lady12/16/1998
2Brotherly Love12/17/1998
2Diamond in the Rough12/18/1998
2Final Battle12/21/1998
2Follow the Leader12/22/1998
3Star Struck, Bad Luck06/12/2000
3Crystal Clear Again06/13/2000
3Driving Dangerously06/14/2000
3Bad Harmony06/15/2000
3Swept Off Her Feet06/16/2000
3Blinded by Love's Light06/19/2000
3Lita Borrows Trouble06/20/2000
3Damp Spirits06/21/2000
3Friendly Foes06/22/2000
3Mixed Emotions06/23/2000
3Individual Happiness06/26/2000
3Birthday Blues: Part 106/27/2000
3Birthday Blues: Part 206/28/2000
3Hello, Sailor Mini Moon06/29/2000
3Tainted Tea Party06/30/2000
3People Who Need People07/03/2000
3Related by Destiny07/04/2000
3Art Appreciation07/05/2000
3Everything's Coming Up Rosey07/06/2000
3No Turning Back07/07/2000
3Destiny's Arrival07/10/2000
3The Purity Chalice07/11/2000
3Show Stoppers07/12/2000
3Rini's Risky Friendship07/13/2000
3Mimet's Mess07/14/2000
3The Shadow of Silence07/17/2000
3Thorny Weather07/18/2000
3Heightened Hazard07/19/2000
3It's in the Cards07/20/2000
3Next in Line07/21/2000
3Fiendish Ferns07/24/2000
3The Science of Love07/25/2000
3Wake Up Call07/26/200015
3Who's Really Who?07/27/2000
3Darkness, My Old Friend07/28/2000
3Second Chance07/31/2000
3Tough Kindness08/01/2000
3Goodness Eclipsed09/13/2000
4Dreams Take Flight09/26/2000
4No Ordinary Horsepower09/27/2000
4Sweet Dreams09/28/2000
4Baiting the Trap09/29/2000
4Perfect Couple10/02/2000
4Much Ado About Kitten10/03/2000
4A Pegasus Pager Turner10/04/2000
4A Teacher's Lesson10/05/2000
4The Trouble with Love10/06/2000
4Phony Fairy10/09/2000
4Driven Dreamer10/10/2000
4Cutting It Close10/11/2000
4Clothes Call10/12/2000
4Double Trouble10/13/2000
4Recipe for Danger10/16/2000
4Kickin' Into High Gear10/17/2000
4Beach Blanket Bungle10/18/2000
4Tutu Treachery10/19/2000
4Duchess's Day Off10/20/2000
4No Prince Charming10/23/2000
4A True Reflection10/24/2000
4Eternal Dreams10/25/2000
4A New Nightmare10/26/2000
4Heartfelt Melody10/27/2000
4Dental Dilemma10/30/2000
4Nightmare Garden10/31/2000
4Vaulting to Victory11/01/2000
4Reflections of Reality11/02/2000
4Dream Believer11/03/2000
4Pegasus Revealed11/06/2000
4Rini's Lovely Rhapsody11/07/2000
4Tomorrow's Big Dreams11/08/2000
4Day of Night11/09/2000
4Show Time Showdown11/10/2000
4The Dark Legend11/13/2000
4One in the Hand11/14/2000
4Golden Revival11/15/2000
4The Sweetest Dream11/16/2000
4Dreams of Her Own12/21/2000