Kuu Kuu Harajuku

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Zero G11/01/2015
1Angel Food11/01/2015
1Wanted Audience11/08/2015
1Hello Puppy11/15/2015
1G, This Is Awfully Deep11/15/2015
1Drums of Doom11/22/2015
1Adventures in Housesitting11/22/2015
1Oh, G05/21/2016
1Green House05/21/2016
1Kawaii Cake Mix Up05/28/2016
1Angel Fever05/28/2016
1Sand and Deliver06/04/2016
1Moods Meow06/04/2016
1Game Over06/11/2016
1Snowy the Frostman06/18/2016
1Angel's Flight07/02/2016
1Inside Job07/09/2016
1Sea Monkeying Around07/09/2016
1Control + Alt + Dimension07/16/2016
1Angel Hair07/16/2016
1Trust Your Inner Uniphant07/23/2016
1Starr Power07/23/2016
1The Big Time07/30/2016
1Candy Blossom Flower Festival08/06/2016
1Princess Power08/06/2016
1Hark! A Quarkle!08/13/2016
1The Ends of the Earth08/13/2016
1Bad Boy and Little Girl10/08/20162