Armchair Detectives

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Watercolour Crime11/20/2017
1Patently Murder11/21/2017
1The Jury's Out11/22/2017
1Derby Day Death11/23/2017
1Deerly Departed11/24/2017
1Cops and Robbers11/27/2017
1The Uninvited Guest11/28/2017
1Finders Keepers11/29/2017
1Six Letters Beginning with M11/30/2017
1Pigeon Detectives12/01/2017
1School's Out for Murder12/04/2017
1The High Class Killer12/05/201713
1Driving Miss Mortcliff12/06/2017
1Tell Tale Signs12/07/2017
1A Can of Worms12/08/2017
1Appetite for Murder12/11/2017
1What Became of Miranda?12/12/2017
1White Collar Crime12/13/2017
1Am Dram Damned12/14/2017
1Mistletoe and Crime12/15/2017