Cosby Show

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Theo's Economic Lesson09/20/1984
1Good-bye, Mr. Fish 09/27/1984
1Bad Dreams10/04/1984
1Is That My Boy?10/11/1984
1A Shirt Story10/18/1984
1Breaking with Tradition10/25/1984
1One More Time11/01/1984
1Play It Again Vanessa11/08/1984
1How Ugly Is He?11/15/1984
1Bonjour Sondra11/22/1984
1You're Not a Mother Night12/06/1984
1Rudy's Sick12/13/1984
1Father's Day12/20/1984
1Independence Day01/10/19856
1Physician of the Year01/17/1985
1Jitterbug Break01/31/1985
1Theo and the Joint02/07/1985
1Vanessa's New Class02/14/1985
1Clair's Case02/21/1985
1Back to the Track, Jack02/28/1985
1The Younger Woman03/14/1985
1Slumber Party03/28/1985
1Mr. Quiet05/02/1985
1Cliff's Birthday05/09/1985
2First Day of School09/26/1985
2The Juicer10/03/1985
2Happy Anniversary10/10/19857
2Cliff in Love10/17/1985
2Theo and the Older Woman10/24/1985
2Rudy Suits Up11/07/1985
2Denise Drives11/14/1985
2Clair's Sister11/21/1985
2Clair's Toe12/05/1985
2Denise's Friend12/12/1985
2Mrs. Westlake01/02/1986
2The Auction01/09/1986
2Vanessa's Bad Grade01/16/1986
2Theo and Cockroach01/30/1986
2The Dentist 02/06/1986
2Play It Again, Russell02/13/19866
2A Touch of Wonder02/20/1986
2Full House02/27/1986
2Close to Home03/13/1986
2An Early Spring03/20/1986
2Theo's Holiday04/03/1986
2The Card Game 05/01/1986
2Off to the Races05/08/1986
2Denise's Decision05/15/19867
3Bring 'Em Back Alive09/25/1986
3Food for Thought10/02/1986
3Golden Anniversary10/09/19868
3Mother, May I?10/23/1986
3The March10/30/19868
3Man Talk 11/05/1986
3Theo's Flight11/06/1986
3War Stories 11/12/1986
3Vanessa's Rich11/13/1986
3Denise Gets a 'D'11/20/1986
3A Girl and Her Dog12/04/1986
3Cliff in Charge12/18/1986
3Monster Man Huxtable01/08/1987
3Rudy Spends the Night01/15/19875
3Say Hello to a Good Buy 01/29/1987
3Denise Gets an Opinion02/05/1987
3Calling Doctor Huxtable02/12/1987
3You Only Hurt the One You Love02/19/1987
3The Shower02/26/1987
3Cliff's 50th Birthday03/12/1987
3I Know That You Know03/19/1987
3Andalusian Flu 04/04/1987
3Bald and Beautiful04/09/1987
4Call of the Wild09/24/1987
4It Ain't Easy Being Green10/08/1987
4Cliff's Mistake10/15/1987
4That's Not What I Said10/29/1987
4Autumn Gifts11/05/1987
4Looking Back: Part 111/12/1987
4Where's Rudy?11/19/1987
4Dance Mania12/03/1987
4The Locker Room12/10/1987
4The Show Must Go On12/17/1987
4Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star01/14/1988
4The Visit01/21/1988
4The Drum Major02/04/1988
4Once Upon a Time02/18/1988
4Trust Me03/03/1988
4Home for the Weekend03/17/1988
4The Prom03/24/1988
4Gone Fishin'04/28/1988
5Together Again and Again10/06/1988
5The Physical10/13/1988
5Rudy's All-Nighter10/20/1988
5Move It10/27/19889
5Out of Brooklyn11/03/1988
5The Birth: Part 111/10/198813
5Cyranoise de Bergington11/17/1988
5How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? 11/24/1988
5If the Dress Fits, Wear It12/08/1988
5Is There a Hamster in the House?12/15/1988
5Truth or Consequences 12/29/1988
5Cliff Babysits01/12/19898
5Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten01/26/1989
5The Lost Weekend02/02/198912
5No Way, Baby02/06/1989
5Can I Say Something, Please?02/09/1989
5The Dead End Kids Meet Dr. Lotus02/16/1989
5The Boys of Winter02/23/1989
5It Comes and It Goes03/09/19898
5Theo's Women03/16/1989
5Birthday Blues03/30/1989
5A Room with No View 04/01/1989
5What He Did for Love04/27/1989
5Day of the Locusts05/04/1989
557 Varieties05/11/1989
6Denise: The Saga Continues09/21/1989
6Surf's Up09/28/1989
6I'm 'In' with the 'In' Crowd10/05/198913
6Denise Kendall: Navy Wife10/12/1989
6Theo's Gift10/19/1989
6Denise Kendall: Babysitter10/26/1989
6Shall We Dance?11/02/1989
6The Day the Spores Landed11/09/198913
6Cliff's Wet Adventure11/16/1989
6Grampy and NuNu Visit the Huxtables11/30/1989
6Getting to Know You 12/04/1989
6Cliff la Dolce12/07/1989
6Elvin Pays for Dinner01/04/1990
6Cliff's Nightmare01/11/199011
6Denise Kendall: Singles Counselor01/18/1990
6The Birthday Party01/25/1990
6Not Everybody Loves the Blues02/01/1990
6Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side02/08/1990
6Mr. Sandman02/15/1990
6Isn't It Romantic?02/22/1990
6Theo's Dirty Laundry03/15/1990
6What It's All About03/22/1990
6Off to See the Wretched04/05/1990
6The Moves04/19/1990
6Live and Learn04/26/1990
6The Storyteller05/03/1990
7Same Time Next Year09/20/19905
7Bird in the Hand09/27/19906
7The Last Barbecue10/04/199010
7Period of Adjustment10/11/1990
7It's All in the Game10/18/1990
7Getting the Story10/25/1990
7Just Thinking About It: Part 111/01/1990
7The Infantry Has Landed 11/08/1990
7You Can Go Home Again11/15/1990
7It's a Boy11/29/1990
7Clair's Liberation12/06/1990
7It's Your Move12/13/1990
7Theo's Final Final01/03/1991
7Attack of the Killer B's01/10/1991
7Total Control01/31/1991
7Adventures in Babysitting02/07/1991
727 and Still Cooking02/14/1991
7The Return of the Clairettes02/21/19914
7No More Mr. Nice Guy02/28/19919
7Home Remedies03/07/199112
7Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue03/21/1991
7There's Still No Joy in Mudville04/04/1991
7Cliff and Jake04/11/1991
7Theo and the Kids: Part 104/25/1991
7Theo and the Kids: Part 205/02/1991
8With This Ring?09/19/1991
8There's No Place Like This Home09/26/1991
8Particles in Motion10/03/1991
8Pam Applies to College10/10/1991
8Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown10/17/1991
8It's Apparent to Everyone10/24/1991
8The Iceman Bricketh10/31/1991
8Olivia's Field Trip11/07/1991
8For Men Only11/14/1991
8Olivia Comes Out of the Closet11/21/1991
8Two Is a Crowd12/05/1991
8Clair's Place12/19/1991
8Theo's Future01/02/19927
8The Price Is Wrong01/09/19929
8Bring Me the Lip Gloss of Deirdre Arpelle01/16/19924
8Eat, Drink and Be Wary01/30/19928
8Cliff Gets Jilted02/06/19926
8Cliff and Theo Come Clean02/13/19924
8Clair's Reunion02/20/19925
8Rudy's Retreat02/27/19929
8You Can't Stop the Music03/26/19925
8Some Gifts Aren't Deductible04/23/19924
8And So, We Commence04/30/199214