Department S

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Black Out03/02/1969 7:25 pmITVUK141
Six Days15
1The Double Death of Charlie Crippen03/09/1969 7:25 pmITVUK15
1The Trojan Tanker14
The Treasure of the Costa Del Sol03/16/1969 7:25 pmITVUK13
1A Cellar Full of Silence111
Who Plays the Dummy?03/23/1969 7:25 pmITVUK14
1The Pied Piper of Hambledown03/30/1969113
The Man Who Got a New Face03/30/1969 7:25 pmITVUK13
1One of Our Aircraft Is Empty04/06/196915
Les Fleurs du Mal04/06/1969 7:25 pmITVUK10
1The Man in the Elegant Room04/13/196918
The Shift That Never Was04/13/1969 7:25 pmITVUK14
1Handicap Dead04/20/196914
Dead Men Die Twice04/20/1969 7:25 pmITVUK16
A Ticket to Nowhere04/27/1969 7:25 pmITVUK14
The Last Train to Redbridge05/04/1969 7:25 pmITVUK15
The Ghost of Mary Burnham05/11/1969 7:25 pmITVUK13
The Man from 'X'05/18/1969 7:25 pmITVUK171
Death on Reflection05/25/1969 7:25 pmITVUK142
The Perfect Operation06/08/1969 7:25 pmITVUK18
The Duplicated Man06/15/1969 7:25 pmITVUK15
The Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine06/22/1969 7:25 pmITVUK12
2A Small War of Nerves01/21/1970141
2The Bones of Byrom Blain01/28/197018
2Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old02/11/1970161
2A Fish Out of Water02/25/197015
2The Soup of the Day03/04/197021