Wednesday, 31st December 1930 - Saturday, 11th May 1957

108 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL

Wednesday, 31st December 1930 - Thursday, 1st January 1931Holiday
Friday, 2nd January 1931 - Saturday, 3rd January 1931What a Widow!
Saturday, 22nd October 1932Whistlin' Dan
Sunday, 23rd October 1932Business and Pleasure
Friday, 9th December 1938Frankenstein
Friday, 9th December 1938Dracula
Sunday, 18th December 1938 - Monday, 19th December 1938Shining Hour
Tuesday, 20th December 1938 - Wednesday, 21st December 1938Submarine Patrol
Friday, 22nd September 1939Second Fiddle
Saturday, 23rd September 1939In Old Caliente
Sunday, 24th September 1939 - Monday, 25th September 1939Fifth Avenue Girl
Sunday, 24th September 1939 - Monday, 25th September 19395th Ave. Girl
Tuesday, 26th September 1939 - Wednesday, 27th September 1939Under-Pup
Thursday, 28th September 1939 - Friday, 29th September 1939Daughters Courageous
Friday, 20th October 1939Lady of the Tropics
Saturday, 21st October 1939Frontier Marshal
Sunday, 22nd October 1939 - Monday, 23rd October 1939Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Tuesday, 24th October 1939 - Wednesday, 25th October 1939Nurse Edith Cavell
Thursday, 26th October 1939 - Friday, 27th October 1939Star Maker
Friday, 23rd February 1940Balalaika
Saturday, 24th February 1940Days of Jesse James
Sunday, 25th February 1940 - Monday, 26th February 1940Broadway Melody of 1940
Tuesday, 27th February 1940 - Wednesday, 28th February 1940Man From Dakota
Thursday, 29th February 1940 - Friday, 1st March 1940Hunchback of Notre Dame
Sunday, 14th March 1943Gay Sisters
Monday, 15th March 1943 - Friday, 19th March 1943Mrs. Miniver
Friday, 9th January 1948 - Wednesday, 14th January 1948Thunder in the Valley
Wednesday, 26th May 1948Panhandle
Friday, 16th September 1949 - Saturday, 17th September 1949Secret Garden
Friday, 7th December 1951 - Saturday, 8th December 1951Arizona Raiders
Friday, 7th December 1951 - Saturday, 8th December 1951Joe Palooka in the Big Fight
Saturday, 13th April 1957Palomino
Thursday, 9th May 1957Naked in the Sun
Saturday, 11th May 1957Day the Earth Stood Still