Maund's Capital Theater, The State

1912 - Monday, 5th December 1932

104 E. College Avenue
Tallahassee, FL

Tuesday, 27th April 1915Cabiria
Tuesday, 4th May 1915 - Wednesday, 5th May 1915Tillie's Punctured Romance
Thursday, 17th June 1915Diamond from the Sky
Monday, 17th July 1916 - Wednesday, 19th July 1916Battle Cry of Peace
Saturday, 7th July 1917Aladdin's Other Lamp
Tuesday, 10th July 1917Sleeping Fires
Thursday, 12th July 1917Lonesome Chap
Tuesday, 17th July 1917Valentine Girl
Friday, 20th July 1917Millionaire Vagrant
Monday, 4th November 1918Eternal Magdalene
Wednesday, 1st September 1920 - Thursday, 2nd September 1920Mollycoddle
Monday, 4th September 1922 - Tuesday, 5th September 1922While Satan Sleeps
Wednesday, 6th September 1922Take Next Car
Wednesday, 6th September 1922Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Thursday, 7th September 1922 - Friday, 8th September 1922Loves of Pharaoh
Saturday, 9th September 1922Old Wives For New
Tuesday, 2nd December 1930Renegades
Wednesday, 3rd December 1930 - Thursday, 4th December 1930Inside the Lines