Odeon Marble Arch

Thursday, 2nd February 1967 - Sunday, 8th May 2016

10 Edgware Road

Saturday, 10th March 1951Fourteen Hours
Saturday, 10th March 1951Tougher They Come
Friday, 24th December 1954 - Sunday, 26th December 1954Long John Silver
Monday, 8th February 1960 - Thursday, 18th February 1960Never So Few
Thursday, 25th February 1960 - Friday, 11th March 1960Battle of the Sexes
Friday, 11th March 1960 - Friday, 1st April 1960Hound-Dog Man
Friday, 5th January 1962Swiss Family Robinson
Monday, 15th January 1962 - Wednesday, 31st January 1962Only Two Can Play
Thursday, 20th September 1962Birdman Of Alcatraz
Wednesday, 6th February 1963 - Wednesday, 6th March 1963Fast Lady
Friday, 1st March 1963Fast Lady
Friday, 15th November 1963 - Tuesday, 19th November 1963Bye Bye Birdie
Tuesday, 10th December 1963 - Tuesday, 24th December 1963Charge of the Black Lancers
Thursday, 26th December 1963 - Wednesday, 15th January 1964West Side Story
Thursday, 16th January 1964 - Monday, 27th January 1964Ladies Who Do
Thursday, 16th January 1964 - Monday, 27th January 1964It's All Over Town
Monday, 2nd March 1964Long Ships
Thursday, 2nd January 1969 - Friday, 3rd January 1969Finian's Rainbow
Friday, 11th April 1969Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Wednesday, 23rd July 1969Gone With The Wind
Friday, 20th March 1970Hello, Dolly!
Monday, 14th May 1973Something to Hide
Thursday, 5th July 1973 - Wednesday, 11th July 1973Avanti
Thursday, 12th July 1973 - Wednesday, 5th September 1973Sleuth
Thursday, 6th September 1973 - Friday, 7th September 1973Night Watch
Saturday, 9th March 1974Robin Hood