King of the Zombies


Jean Yarbrough
Monogram Pictures
Production Company
United Artists

Three travellers crash land on a tropical island and are taken in by a kindly gentleman who has a penchant for spoken German and zombies.

This is Mantan Moreland's show and despite the eye-rolling stereotype manservant stuff manages to get the juiciest dialogue and the biggest laughs. Interesting hints at Nazi collusion but the old dark house could do with being a bit older and a bit darker though.

Probably the only Monogram film to ever get an Oscar nomination (for Best Music).

King of the Zombies
14th May 1941

67 mins

Dick Purcell
James 'Mac' McCarthy
Joan Woodbury
Barbara Winslow
Mantan Moreland
Jefferson 'Jeff' Jackson
Henry Victor
Dr. Miklos Sangre
John Archer
Bill Summers
Patricia Stacey
Alyce Sangre
Guy Usher
Admiral Arthur Wainwright
Marguerite Whitten
Samantha, the Maid
Leigh Whipper
Momba, the Butler
Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Tahama, the Cook and High Priestess
James Davis
Lazarus, a Zombie
(as Jimmy Davis)
Laurence Criner
Dr. Couillie
(as Lawrence Criner)
Josephine Whitten
Native Girl

Tony Sullivan: Vidcaps