Kung Fu: The Movie


Richard Lang
Warner Bros. Television

More than a decade after the popular series ended, David Carradine returns for another adventure as Kwai-Chang Caine, former Shaolin priest and martial arts expert in the American West of the 1870s. This time, Caine helps the authorities solve several murders, and uncovers an opium-smuggling ring. While doing this, Caine must also battle the mysterious Manchu, father of the man Caine killed in China many years previously. The Manchu has selected Caine's own son (whom Caine knew nothing about) to be Caine's executioner.

-Scott Palmer

1st February 1986
TV Movie

89 mins

David Carradine
Kwai Chang Caine
The Manchu
Martin Landau
John Martin Perkins
Kerrie Keane
Sarah Perkins
William Lucking
Deputy Wyatt
Luke Askew
Sheriff Mills
Keye Luke
Master Po
Benson Fong
The Old One
Philip Ahn
Master Kan (archive footage)
Richard Loo
Master Sun
Radames Pera
Young Caine
Brandon Lee
Chung Wang
Ellen Geer
Old Wife
Robert Harper
Paul Rudd
Reverend Perkins
John Alderman
Michael Paul Chan
Patience Cleveland
Roland Harrah III
Liu - Old One's Grandson
Jim Haynie
Federal Marshal
Roy Jenson
Warehouse Foreman
Calista Carradine
Dawna Lee Heising
Opium Den Hostess
Tad Horino
Ching's Servant
John Leoning
Master Teh (archive footage)
Keith Mills
Jury Foreman
Mike Muscat
Adele Yoshioka
Po Li

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