Lady on a Train


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17th August 1945

Deanna Durbin
Nikki Collins / Margo Martin
Ralph Bellamy
Jonathan Waring
David Bruce
Wayne Morgan
George Coulouris
Mr. Saunders, Circus Club Manager
Allen Jenkins
Danny (Waring chauffeur)
Dan Duryea
Arnold Waring
Edward Everett Horton
Mr. Haskell
Jacqueline deWit
Miss Fletcher, Morgan's Secretary
Patricia Morison
Joyce Willams, Morgan's Girl
Elizabeth Patterson
Aunt Charlotte Waring
Maria Palmer
Margo Martin, Circus Club Singer
Samuel S. Hinds
Mr. Wiggam, Waring Lawyer
William Frawley
Desk Sgt. Brennan
Jack Norton
Santa Claus
Eddie Acuff
New York Cab Driver (scenes deleted)
Jane Adams
Circus Club Photographer
Jane Adams
Circus Club Photographer
Fred Aldrich
Cop in Lock-up
Barbara Bates
Hat Check Girl
Eddie Bruce
Charles Cane
New York Cop at Circus Club
James Carlisle
Man at Newsreel Theatre
Hobart Cavanaugh
Drunk (scenes deleted)
Nora Cecil
Woman with Umbrella and Radio
George Chandler
Circus Club Customer
Chester Clute
New York Train Conductor
Tom Coleman
Joseph Crehan
Train Passenger
Robert Dudley
Man in Newsreel Theatre
Tom Dugan
Police Turnkey
Eddie Dunn
Police Clerk
Jay Eaton
Nightclub Patron
Franklyn Farnum
Nightclub Patron
Al Ferguson
Railroad Workman
Clyde Fillmore
Waring Cousin
Alice Fleming
Mrs. Brown (scenes deleted)
Mary Forbes
Waring Cousin
Thurston Hall
Josiah Waring
Sam Harris
Man at Newsreel Theatre
Stuart Holmes
Bald Man in Newsreel Theatre
Philip Kieffer
Railroad Station Guard
Lash La Rue
Circus Club Waiter / Henchman
Mike Lally
Circus Club Customer
Perc Launders
Cop Arresting Jonathan
George J. Lewis
George Lloyd
Railroad Workman
Lock Martin
Circus Club Doorman
Sam McDaniel
New York Train Porter
Matt McHugh
Bert Moorhouse
William H. O'Brien
Disguised Circus Club Waiter
Frank O'Connor
Cop at Wayne's Apartment
Kathleen O'Malley
Ralph Peters
New York Cabbie
Albert Pollet
Man at Newsreel Theatre
Bob Reeves
Cop at Wayne's Apartment
Addison Richards
Police Captain
Cyril Ring
CIrcus Club Ringmaster
Bert Roach
Fat Man in Newsreel Theatre
Jeffrey Sayre
Man at Newsreel Theatre
Charles Sherlock
Brick Sullivan
Cop in Nightclub
Jean Trent
Circus Club Hat Check Girl
Eddy Waller
Mr. Brown (scenes deleted)
Leo White
Man at Newsreel Theatre