Laughter in Paradise


Mario Zampi
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Practical joker dies and leaves large sums to his relatives. They all have to perform suitably ironic tasks before obtaining the funds (snob Compton has to find employment as a domestic; crime novelist Sim has to commit a crime and got to jail; womanizer Middleton has to wed the first unmarried woman he speaks to; and wimpy clerk Cole has to stage a hold up and rob his his manager).

Very amusing comedy that puts its protagonists through the wringer, but leaves them better people after their ordeal, an interesting trait that only British films seem to have. An American film would have just let them have the money and be miserable, having learned nothing, with a heavy-handed moral tacked on. Great performances all around, especially Sim and Compton, whose story arc is genuinely moving without being treacly.

Primarily known for being Audrey Hepburn's feature debut (she's in it for less than a minute), but deserves to be well known on its own merits, not that minor bit of trivia.

-Dave W.

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Laughter in Paradise
13th June 1951

93 mins

Laughter in Paradise
11th November 1951

93 mins

Alastair Sim
Captain Deniston Russell
Fay Compton
Agnes Russell
Beatrice Campbell
Lucille Grayson
Guy Middleton
Simon Russell
A.E. Matthews
Sir Charles Robson
Joyce Grenfell
Elizabeth Robson aka 'Fluffy'
Anthony Steel
Roger Godfrey
John Laurie
Gordon Webb
Eleanor Summerfield
Sheila Wilcott
Ronald Adam
Bank Manager - Mr. Wagstaffe
(as Ronald Adams)
Leslie Dwyer
Police Sergeant
Ernest Thesiger
Charlotte Mitchell
Mackenzie Ward
George Cole
Herbert Russell
Veronica Hurst
Joan Webb
Audrey Hepburn
Cigarette Girl
Hugh Griffith
Henry Augustus Russell
Hugh Griffith
Henry Augustus Russell
Colin Gordon
Harry, Station Constable
Michael Pertwee
Mary Germaine
Susan Heath
Noel Howlett
Clerk of the Court
Martin Boddey
Store Shopwalker
Grace Denbeigh-Russell
Unknown 10879
Christine Silver
Mrs. Goodwin
Unknown 10879
Bank Employee
Sebastian Cabot
Card Player
John Warren
Card Player
Unknown 10879
Card Player
Douglas Muir
Card Player
Frederick Kelsey
Henry's Butler
Louis Matto
Club Barman
Emil Stemmler
Club Maître d’
Arthur Howard
Businessman on Train
Jack Sharp
Taxi Driver
Unknown 10879
A Naughty Dog
Avice Landone
Shopper in Swan & Edgar
Robert Gregory
Shopper in Swan & Edgar
Unknown 10879
Swan & Edgar Clerk
Unknown 10879
Woman Entering Swan & Edgar
(Molly Hamley Clifford?)
Unknown 10879
Swan & Edgar Clerk
Victor Harrington
Shopper in Swan & Edgar
Frank Hawkins
Store Detective
Toke Townley
Unknown 10879
Pickpocket's Decoy
Paul Beradi
Club Patron
John Sharp
Constable Cafferty
Unknown 10879
Gustav, Club Waiter
Jack Armstrong
Club Patron
Ian Fleming
Ned Lynch
Dan Darnelli
William Murray
Jeweller's Assistant
John Boxer
Constable Charles Baker
Unknown 10879
Unknown 10879
Bank Robber
(Ian Colin?)
Unknown 10879
Bank Robber
Lyn Evans
Jail Warder
Charles Saynor
Jack Arrow
Policeman in Court
Jim Morris
Policeman in Court
Charles Hammond
Man in Court
Eddie Boyce
Policeman in Court
Scott Harrold
Second Clerk of The Court
Pat Hagan
Police Sergeant in Court
Alan Beaton
Court Clerk
George Crawford
Unknown 10879
Marriage Witness
Eveline Kirkwood-Hackett
Minor Role
Danny Green
(scenes deleted)
Harry Welchman
Mr. De Vere Smith
(scenes deleted)
Stanley Holloway
Gordon Webb
Ronald Ward
Mr. Wagstaffe

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