The Lost Missile


Lester William Berke

Alien space probe is knocked into low orbit around Earth by a Soviet missile, the lethal radiation it emits tearing a path of destruction across the planet. Next in its path: New York City.

An unexpectedly good movie, a far cry from the MST3K fodder I expected. There is the usual mass of stock footage, and the film was obviously made cheaply as propaganda to get people to pay attention to Civil Defense. However, the performances are good, the script is well-done (thanks in large part to Jerome Bixby, the unsung hero of sci-fi), and above all there is a sense of urgency to the film that makes it still watchable long after its relevance has worn away. Gets a bit carried away with itself in the last reel, but still a real sleeper.

-Dave W.

1st December 1958

70 mins

Robert Loggia
Dr. David Loring
Ellen Parker
Joan Wood
Phillip Pine
Dr. Joe Freed
(as Philip Pine)
Larry Kerr
General Jim Barr
Marilee Earle
Ella Freed
Fred Engelberg
TV Singer
(as Fred Engleberg)
Kitty Kelly
Ella's Mother
Selmer Jackson
Secretary of State
Hari Rhodes
Man at Piano
Shirley J. Shawn
Woman at Piano
(as Shirley Shawn)
J. Anthony Hughes
New York Governor
Robert Busch
Undetermined Role
Jack Holland
John McNamara
USAF Colonel
Mike Steele
USAF Lt. General
Cecil Elliott
Harold's Wife
(as Cecil Elliot)
Viola Harris
Blonde on Phone
(not 100% certain)
Don Pethley
Undetermined Role
Myron Cook
Undetermined Role
Mark Dunhill
Undetermined Role
Joe Hyams
Young, TV Reporter
Bill Bradley
Bill Bradley
Lawrence Dobkin
Voice: Narrator
Kenner G. Kemp
Russian Officer
Unknown 11494-01
Russian Officer
Unknown 11494-02
Russian Controller
Jason Johnson
Russian Launch Officer
Unknown 11494-03
Russian Controller
Unknown 11494-04
Russian Messenger
John Daheim
Man with Dog Sled Team
Unknown 11494-05
DEW Line Officer
Unknown 11494-06
DEW Line Radar Operator
Unknown 11494-07
DEW Line Radar Operator
Unknown 11494-08
Unknown 11494-09
WAF with Teletype
Cosmo Sardo
Colonel Broadcasting on CONELRAD
Bert Stevens
Scientist at Institute
William H. O'Brien
Scientist at Institute
Unknown 11494-10
European Soldier in Montage
Kam Fong
Asian Soldier in Montage
(not 100% sure)
Unknown 11494-11
European Soldier in Montage
Arthur Tovey
Unknown 11494-12
State Department Official
Ted Stanhope
Aide to Secretary of State
Unknown 11494-13
State Department Messenger
Frances Morris
Joe's Wife
Unknown 11494-14
Unknown 11494-15
Unknown 11494-16
Unknown 11494-17
LaGuardia Announcer
Unknown 11494-18
Green Line Radar Operator
Unknown 11494-19
Green Line Officer
Unknown 11494-20
Institute Security Guard
John Damler
Institute Security Guard
Thomas E. Jackson
New York State Broadcaster
Olan Soule
TV Floor Director
Unknown 11494-26
Miss Kelso
Unknown 11494-28
Unknown 11494-29
Jerry's Mother
Stanley Fafara
Sidney, Boy on School Bus
Unknown 11494-30
Mother in Basement Shelter
Unknown 11494-31
Daughter in Basement Shelter
Unknown 11494-27
Countdown Talker in Job Bunker
Stephanie Shayne
Sandra, Girl on School Bus
Tom Monroe
School Bus Driver
Unknown 11494-32
Boy on School Bus
Unknown 11494-33
Father Building Snowman
Unknown 11494-34
Daughter Building Snowman
Unknown 11494-21
Unknown 11494-22
Unknown 11494-23
Robert Shayne
Air Force General in Job Bunker
Unknown 11494-24
Max, Power Plant Worker
Unknown 11494-25
Power Plant Worker
Harold Miller
Joint Chiefs of Staff Officer

Dave Wright: Screencaps & Notes

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