Man in the Middle

The Winston Affair


Guy Hamilton

Fascinating WWII military court-room drama involving prejudice and corruption. Welcome release for this neglected film.

Screencap thanks to MovieDude

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1st October 1963

5th February 1964

24th April 2007

94 mins

Jared Allen
Captain Dwyer
Alistair Barr
Colonel Kelly
David Bauer
Colonel Mayburt
Glenn Beck
Cpl Burke
Ed Bishop
Lt. at Sikri
Paul Blomley
Colonel Winovich
Julian Burton
Major Cummings
Gary Cockrell
Lt. Moore
Terence Cooper
Major Clement
Michael Goodliffe
Colonel Shaw
Trevor Howard
Major John Kensington
Errol John
Sgt. Jackson
Frank Killibrew
Cpl. Baxter
Alexander Knox
Colonel Burton
Howard Marion-Crawford
Major Poole
Paul Maxwell
Major Fred Smith
William Mitchell
Staff Sgt. Quinn
Robert Mitchum
Lieut. Col. Barney Adams
Bill Mitchell
Staff Sgt. Quinn (as William Mitchell)
Lionel Murton
Captain Alec Gunther
Russell Napier
Colonel H. Thompson
Robert Nichols
Lt. Bender
France Nuyen
Kate Davray
Terry Skelton
Colonel Burnside
Graham Skidmore
Maj. Hennessy
Barry Sullivan
General Kempton
Terence Skelton
Col. Burnside (as Terry Skelton)
Edward Underdown
Major Wycliff
Brian Vaughan
Major McCabe
Sam Wanamaker
Major Kaufman
Al Waxman
Staff Sgt. Quinn
Keenan Wynn
Lt. Winston
David Cargill
Sergeant Wilson
Alister Williamson
Sergeant Johnson (as Alistair Williamson)
Bruce Boa
Major Lawson
Robert Bruce
British Correspondent
William Dexter
British Correspondent
Ishaq Bux
Indian Bearer
Bill Edwards
John Woodnutt
Education Officer
Peter Porteous
British Private
Steve Donahue
Harold Sanderson