Mara of the Wilderness


Frank McDonald

A family scientific trip goes awry and a young girl is orphaned in the Alaskan wilderness with no way back to civilisation. Spin-on 13 odd anthropologist studying wolves retraces the steps of the earlier expedition. no prizes for guessing what he finds.

What could be an interesting feminist revision of Tarzan is thrown away as our Jane is altogether too well manicured to have been deprived of hair and make-up for any length of time. By-the-60s numbers with some nice scenary thrown in.

29th October 1965

Adam West
Ken Williams
Lori Saunders
Mara Wade (as Linda Saunders)
Lelia Walsh
Mara Wade - Age Seven
Denver Pyle
Theodore Marcuse
Roberto Contreras
Eve Brent
Mrs. Wade
Ed Kemmer
First Pilot
Stuart Walsh
Second Pilot
Sean McClory
Dr. Frank Wade