Michael Dugan

Direct to video in its day, I recall this one as being quite fun piece of exploitation horror with the required amounts of nudity and gore. Ms. Bresee makes for an attractive green-eyed demon.

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13th May 1983

96 mins

27th September 2004

26th February 2019

Marjoe Gortner
Oliver Farrell
Bobbie Bresee
Susan Walker Farrell
Norman Burton
Dr. Simon Andrews
Maurice Sherbanee
Ben, the Gardener
LaWanda Page
Elsie, the Maid
(as La Wanda Page)
Laura Hippe
Aunt Cora Nomed
Sheri Mann
Dr. Roni Logan
Julie Christy Murray
Young Susan
Chu Chu Malave
Delivery Boy
Ron Cannon
Gallery Owner
Joel Kramer
Tramp in Mausoleum
Gene Edwards
Drunk In Nightclub
Di Ann Monaco
Girl In Nightclub
John Branagan
Nightclub Parking Attendant
Richard Guarino
Nightclub MaƮtre d'
Blake Barich
Little Girl in Mall
Eileen Zimmerman
Woman in Mall
Mildred Lipsher
Woman in Parking Lot
Joe Lipsher
Man in Parking Lot
Joyce Barich
Mother in Mall
Lori Zimmerman
Kids in Mall
Julie Garfinkel
Kids in Mall
Michael Zimmerman
Kids in Mall
Jay Saunders
Kids in Mall
William Vail
The Final Demon
Cathi Peyton Erman
Demon's Eyes

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