Andrew V. McLaglen
Allied Artists
Essex Enterprises
Production Company

Slob cop Baker has to keep tabs on reluctant heroin smuggler Balsam, while also trying to nab union boss Saxon for murder.

Pretty good 1970s cop flick will unfortunately never recover from it's MST3K treatment. While the Mystery Science Theater version is indeed funny, I will point out it's not really fair to mock a film for being incomprehensible when you remove one-third of the film for host segments (note Saxon disappears without explantion in the MST3K version). It's certainly not a great film, but as a 1970s B-movie, it's perfectly competent, and Baker makes a good anti-hero. And definitely undeserving of its 2.1 rating on IMDb. Were it not for the MST treatment, this film would be forgotten, but have the solid 5 or 6 out of 10 it deserves. Give it a chance.

-Dave W.

10th September 1975

97 mins

Joe Don Baker
Martin Balsam
James Arthur Cummings
John Saxon
Walter Deaney
Linda Evans
Morgan Paull
Salvatore Mistretta
Harold J. Stone
Tony Gallano
Merlin Olsen
Robert Phillips
Chief Albert Pallin
Buck Young
Detective Aldridge
Rayford Barnes
Detective Tyzack
Todd Bass
Jerry Hardin
Desk Sergeant
Lilyan MacBride
Rich Lady
Rob Narke
Customs Officer
(as Robin Narke)
Sidney Clute
Rudy Moran
Carole Estes
Prudence Lang
Vicky Peters
Helena Jackman
Duffy Hambleton
Edmondo Bocca
John Ashby
Bill Sullivan
Don Townsend
Jim B. Smith
Sergeant O'Hagen
Charles Glover
Officer Danziger
Charles A. Tamburro
Helicopter Pilot
(as Charles Tamburro)
Gary Combs
Helicopter Officer
(as Gary M. Combs)
Stan Stone
Tom Lawrence
Bel Air Patrolman
Alan Gibbs
Mustang Hood
Dick Ziker
Alley Hood
Phil Altman
Alley Hood
Bob Orrison
Mistretta Hood
Gary McLarty
Mistretta Hood
Paul Nuckles
Mistretta Hood
Leslie Bianchini
Playboy Playmate January 1969
Bell 47
Police Helicopter
Denny Arnold
Stunts (uncredited)

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