The Monster That Challenged the World


Arnold Laven
United Artists

Perehistoric mollusks awoken by radiation terrorize a naval base and the surrounding farm land on the Salton Sea.

A monster film that doesn't seem to be well regarded, but should be. It has a lot going for it: offbeat casting (Hans Conried as a scientist?), nasty, memorable monsters; both a romance and a cute little girl that aren't cloying or superflous; and some good acting. Throw in a goofy bit by Milton Parsons, and you can't go wrong. Hell, even Casey Adams puts in an earnest performance! Also surprisingly gruesome for a 1950s American film, even a monster one, where most of the violence usually happens off camera. Highly recommended.

-Dave W.

El Monstruo que Reto al Mundo

84 mins

The Monster That Challenged the World
1st June 1957

84 mins

Le Monstre de l'abîme
4th December 1957

84 mins

Il mostro che sfidò il mondo
18th January 1958

84 mins

The Monster That Challenged The World
28th August 2001

84 mins

Tim Holt
Lt. Commander John 'Twil' Twillinger
Audrey Dalton
Gail MacKenzie
Hans Conried
Dr. Jess Rogers
Barbara Darrow
Jody Simms
Max Showalter
Dr. Tad Johns
(as Casey Adams)
Harlan Warde
Lieutenant Robert 'Clem' Clemens
Gordon Jones
Sheriff Josh Peters
Mimi Gibson
Sandy MacKenzie
Marjorie Stapp
Connie Blake
Jody McCrea
Seaman Fred Johnson
Wallace Earl Laven
(as Eileen Harley)
William Swan
Seaman Howard Sanders
Charles Tannen
Radioman Wyatt
Michael Dugan
Dennis McCarthy
George Blake
Byron Kane
Coroner Nate Brown
Hal Taggart
Davis - Resort Owner
John Close
Deputy Larry
Sarah Selby
Mrs. Simms
Robert Benevides
Sonarman 2/c Morty Beatty
Charles Herbert
Boy with Morty's Cap
Unknown 12859
Mack Williams
Captain Masters
William Forrest
Rear Admiral Greenhouse
David McMahon
Gil Frye
Deputy Scotty
Dan Gachman
Deputy Brewer
Unknown 12859
Radioman in Command Post
Unknown 12859
Mexican Waiter
Unknown 12859
Mexican Boy
John Carlyle
Monster Victim
Unknown 12859
Helicopter Crew
Shep Houghton
Helicopter Crew
Joseph Hamilton
Lock Keeper
Milton Parsons
Lewis Clark Dobbs
Ralph Moody
Lock 57 Keeper
Unknown 12859
Switchboard Operator
Dale Van Sickel
Deputy Walker
Unknown 12859
Deputy Moore
Ralph Littlefield
Lock Keeper
Douglas DC-3
Naval Parachute Unit Plane
Hiller H-23 Raven
Search Helicopter

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