Moon in the Gutter

La Lune dans Le caniveau


Jean-Jaques Beineix

Following the rape and suicide of his sister, a dockworker strives to control his rage and personal life when a glamorous stranger arrives.

Unique film from Beineix, well almost unique, if it weren't for One From the Heart which has the same studio bound ambience AND Kinski.

Depardieu and Abril are knockout, the film something of an exercise in frustration (for Depardieu's character and the audience).

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18th May 1983

9th September 1983

6th December 2011

137 mins

Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Delmas - un docker hanté par le suicide de sa soeur
Nastassja Kinski
Loretta Channing - une fille des beaux quartiers
Victoria Abril
Bella - la maîtresse possessive de Gérard
Bertice Reading
Gabriel Monnet
Dominique Pinon
Frank - le frère alcoolique de Gérard
Milena Vukotic
Frieda - une prostituée vieillissante
Vittorio Mezzogiorno
Newton Channing - le frère à la dérive de Loretta
Bernard Farcy
Anne-Marie Coffinet
Jacques Herlin
Guido Alberti
Le gardien de la cathédrale
Katya Berger
Rosa Fumetto
Graziano Giusti
Fred Ulysse
Victor Cavallo
Jean-Roger Milo
Jean-Pierre Laurent
Claudia Pola
Clarisse Deudon
Gérard's mother
Julien Arrighi
Jade Biarese
Jean-Louis Airola
(as Jean-Pierre Airola)
Yves-Marie Maurin
Le narrateur (voice)
Catharina Dahlin
Prostitute (uncredited)
John T. LaBarbera
Dock worker (uncredited)

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