Mr. Moto's Last Warning


Norman Foster
20th Century Fox Film Corporation

In the sixth of eight films in this series, spies mine the Suez Canal in order to drive a wedge in Anglo-French relations; it's up to Mr. Moto to foil their plans.

Enjoyable spy thriller enlivened considerably, as always, by Lorre's charming portrayal of Moto. Cortez, not usually regarded as a good actor, is fine as the main antagonist (and not a bad ventriloquist!), and Robert Coote is the platonic ideal of the British silly-ass.You also have George Sanders looking disdainful, John Carradine in a fake beard that screams secret agent, and E.E. Clive being British, ay wot. Great stuff. Rather ironic to see a Japanese agent being so helpful to the Allies so close to World War II, though (well, in the movies he is Interpol, but in the books he works for the Japanese government).

-Dave W.

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20th January 1939

71 mins

Peter Lorre
Mr. Kentaro Moto
Ricardo Cortez
Fabian the Great
Virginia Field
Connie Porter
John Carradine
Danforth / Richard Burke
George Sanders
Eric Norvel
Joan Carroll
Marie Delacour
Robert Coote
Rollo Venables
Margaret Irving
Madame Delacour
Leyland Hodgson
Capt. Bert Hawkins
John Davidson
Jimmy Aubrey
Bill the Waiter (uncredited)
Ted Billings
Barfly (uncredited)
A. R. Bogard
Hoist Man
Daniel Boone
Deep Sea Diver
David Cavendish
Deck Officer
E.E. Clive
Port Commandant General
Neil Fitzgerald
English Sergeant
Harold Goodwin
Nightclub Bouncer / Seaman
Holmes Herbert
Bentham (uncredited)
George Humbert
Stage Manager
Jacques Lory
Markaday - Juggler
Pat McKee
Seaman Observing Fight
Lal Chand Mehra
Customs Officer
Victor Metzetti
Cab Driver
Robert F. Owens
Tender (uncredited)
Jack Perry
Guard at Door
Georges Renavent
Admiral Jacques Delacour
Wayne Rivers
Cable Man
Bert Roach
Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
C. Montague Shaw
Admiral Lord Streetly
Teru Shimada
Fake Mr. Moto
H. W. Stroele
Al Wesslen
Deep Sea Diver
Eric Wilton
Deck Steward
Seaman Mugging Rollo
Seaman Mugging Rollo
Talker on "Vulcan"
Man in Bar
Girl Backstage
Girl Backstage

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