My Brother's Keeper


Gainsborough Pictures
Production Company
J. Arthur Rank Organisation
Production Company

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Jack Warner
George Martin
Jane Hylton
Nora Lawrence
David Tomlinson
Ronnie Waring
Bill Owen
Syd Evans
George Cole
Willie Stannard
Yvonne Owen
Meg Waring
Raymond Lovell
Bill Wainwright
Brenda Bruce
Winnie Foreman
Susan Shaw
Beatrice Varley
Mrs. Jenny Martin
Garry Marsh
Maurice Denham
Supt. Trent
Frederick Piper
Gordon the camp caretaker
Wilfrid Hyde-White
John Boxer
Police Sgt. Bert Foreman
Amy Veness
Mrs. Gully
Fred Groves
Crown Hotel landlord
Arthur Hambling
Edward Hodges
Valentine Dyall
Inspector at Milton Wells
George Merritt
Constable at Milton Wells
Jack Raine
Chief Constable Col. Heatherly
Harry Geldard
Archer (scenes deleted)
Patrick Baring
Geoffrey Barrie
Reginald Beckwith
1st Barber
Beckett Bould
Michael Brennan
Police Constable at Roadblock
Hedley Briggs
2nd Barber
Ernest Butcher
Arthur Morgan the Local Reporter
Cyril Chamberlain
Grace Denbeigh-Russell
2nd Housewife
Lyn Evans
Guard at Chipping Eaton
Leslie Handford
Policeman at Country Road
Joan Harben
Voice added in post-synch (voice)
Hamilton Keene
Inspector at Chipping Eaton
Edward Lexy
Jess the Station Master
Constance Lorne
1st Housewife
Edie Martin
Churchgoer Shaking Hands
Arthur Mullard
Policeman in Manhunt
Hal Osmond
Ticket Clerk at Shorebury
Norman Pierce
Policeman at Shorebury
Gerald Pring
Daphne Scorer
Bear Hotel Receptionist
Keith Shepherd
Douglas Stewart
The Major
John Stone
Wainwright's Assistant
Rosemary Treston
Telephone Girl (voice)
Dorothy Vernon
Woman Next Door
John Warren
Motorist at Nora's Garage
Ben Williams
Policeman at Nora's Garage