Battlestar Galactica


Richard A. Colla
Alan J. Levi
Universal Television

It may have the mark of 70s cheese upon it, but I'd take this over the morose, self-important nonsense of the reboot any day.

I will say, though, given how utterly stupid most of the humans act in this film, you can't really blame the Cylons for wanting to exterminate them.

Note: Matthau is credited as "operative" but his single line in the script is given to David Greenan in the film, so apparently he was cut.

-Dave W.

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Battlestar Galactica
18th May 1979

125 mins

Battlestar Galactica (Old Version)
8th June 1999


Richard Hatch
Captain Apollo
Dirk Benedict
Lieutenant Starbuck
Lorne Greene
Commander Adama
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
Lieutenant Boomer
Maren Jensen
Lieutenant Athena
Tony Swartz
Flight Sergeant Jolly
Noah Hathaway
Terry Carter
Colonel Tigh
Lew Ayres
President Adar
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Sire Anton
John Colicos
Count Baltar
Laurette Spang
John Fink
Dr. Paye
(almost all scenes cut)
Jane Seymour
Ray Milland
Sire Uri
Ed Begley Jr.
Ensign Greenbean
Rick Springfield
Lieutenant Zac
Randi Oakes
Young Woman
Norman Stuart
David Greenan
Bridge Officer
(Flight Officer Omega)
Sarah Rush
Woman on Duty
(Flight Corporal Rigel)
David Matthau
(see note)
Chip Johnson
1st Warrior
Geoffrey Binney
2nd Warrior
Paul Coufos
Bruce Wright
Deck Hand
Patrick Macnee
Voice: Narrator
Unknown 1332
Quorum Member
Unknown 1332
Quorum Member
Unknown 1332
Quorum Member
Unknown 1332
Quorum Member
Unknown 1332
Quorum Member
Unknown 1332
Quorum Chamber Guard
(Hubie Kerns, Jr. I tihnk)
Rene Assa
Gemon Gambler
Stoney Bower
Landing Bay Crewman
Dick Durock
Imperious Leader
Patrick Macnee
Voice: Imperious Leader
Don Maxwell
Man on Caprica Aiding Serina
Jim Peck
Commentator on Caprica
David Tress
Angry Caprican Survivor
(called Sandell in script)
Lee McLaughlin
Angry Caprican Survivor
(called Lobe in script)
Unknown 1332
Angry Caprican Survivor
Unknown 1332
Angry Caprican Survivor
Unknown 1332
Angry Caprican Survivor
(Carmen Filpi?)
Unknown 1332
Angry Caprican Survivor
Lois Adams
Woman on Gemini Freighter
June Whitley Taylor
Otori Sect Woman on Gemini Freighter
Louise Lorimer
Old Woman on Gemini Freighter
David Byrd
Man on Gemini Freighter
Richard Branda
Man on Gemini Freighter
Michael J. London
Sire Uri's Guard
Pattie Brooks
Tucana Singer
Myrna Matthews
Tucana Singer
Stephanie Spruill
Tucana Singer
Paula Crist
Diane Burgdorf
Lotay, Ovion Queen
Reggie Nalder
Casino Dealer
Carol Baxter
Woman in Elevator
Sandra Lee Gimpel
Unknown 1332
Council Chamber Guard
John Zenda
Sleeping Crewman
Unknown 1332
Crewman Posing as Pilot
Yuri Korchenko
Bay Technician
Hubie Kerns Jr.
Conrad E. Palmisano

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