The Naked City


Jules Dassin

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4th March 1948

Naked City
29th June 1999


8th September 2020

Barry Fitzgerald
Lt. Dan Muldoon
Howard Duff
Frank Niles
Dorothy Hart
Ruth Morrison
Don Taylor
Jimmy Halloran
Frank Conroy
Captain Donahue
Ted de Corsia
Willly Garzah
House Jameson
Dr. Stoneman
Anne Sargent
Mrs. Halloran
Adelaide Klein
Mrs. Batory
Grover Burgess
Mr. Batory
Tom Pedi
Detective Perelli
Enid Markey
Mrs. Hylton
Mark Hellinger
Jean Adair
Little Old Lady (uncredited)
Celia Adler
Dress Shop Proprietress (uncredited)
Janie Alexander
Little Girl (uncredited)
Joyce Allen
Beverly Bayne
Mrs. Stoneman (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks
Detective (uncredited)
Harris Brown
Harvey - Building Superintendent (uncredited)
Ralph Bunker
Medical Examiner Hoffman (uncredited)
Walter Burke
Pete Backalis
Alexander Campbell
Policeman (uncredited)
Retta Coleman
Crippled Girl (uncredited)
G. Pat Collins
Charles Meade - Parole Officer (uncredited)
Curt Conway
Det. Nick - Fingerprint Man (uncredited)
Russ Conway
Ambulance Doctor (uncredited)
Grace Coppin
Miss Livingston (uncredited)
William Cottrell
Bisbee (uncredited)
Harold Crane
Man (uncredited)
Sarah Cunningham
Nurse (uncredited)
Johnny Dale
Mr. Stillman (uncredited)
Denise Doyle
Girl Child (uncredited)
Arthur 'Weegee' Fellig
Photographer (uncredited)
Paul Ford
Henry Fowler (uncredited)
Andre D. Foster
Jeweler (uncredited)
Kathleen Freeman
Stout Girl on Elevated Train
Pearl Gaines
Mrs. Hylton's Maid (uncredited)
Earle Gilbert
Banker (uncredited)
Bruce Gordon
Cop at Williamsburg Bridge (uncredited)
William E. Green
Man (uncredited)
Raymond Greenleaf
City Editor (uncredited)
James Gregory
Patrolman Albert Hicks
Bobby Gusehoff
Child (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton
Cop (uncredited)
Robert H. Harris
Stevie Harris
Billy Halloran (uncredited)
Bern Hoffman
Wrestler (uncredited)
Cavada Humphrey
Mother (uncredited)
Edwin Jerome
Publisher (uncredited)
Reggie Jouvain
Boy Child (uncredited)
Nicholas Joy
Mr. McCormick
Joseph Karney
Wrestler (uncredited)
Kermit Kegley
Qualen (uncredited)
Albert Kelley
Newsboy (uncredited)
David Kermen
Patrolman (uncredited)
Joe Kerr
Ned Harvey (uncredited)
Judson Laire
Publisher (uncredited)
Charles Latorella
Boy Child (uncredited)
Maureen Latorella
Girl Child (uncredited)
Perc Launders
Police Photographer (uncredited)
Marion Leeds
Nurse (uncredited)
Judith Suzanne Locker
Girl Child (uncredited)
George Lynn
Det. Fredericks (uncredited)
John Marley
Managing Editor (uncredited)
Diana Pat Marlow
Girl Child (uncredited)
Norma Jane Marlow
Girl Child (uncredited)
Margaret McAndrew
Girl Child (uncredited)
Marsha McClelland
Girl Child (uncredited)
John McQuade
Det. Dace Constantino (uncredited)
Carl Milletaire
Young Man Who Confesses to Dexter Murder (uncredited)
Virginia Mullen
Martha Swenson (uncredited)
John Joseph Mulligan
Boy Child (uncredited)
Arthur O'Connell
Sgt. Shaeffer (uncredited)
Blanche Obronska
Mother (uncredited)
David Opatoshu
Sgt. Dave Miller
Nehemiah Persoff
Smiling Man Departing Subway (uncredited)
Molly Picon
Soda-Selling Shopkeeper
John Randolph
Police Dispatcher
Anthony Rivers
Ed Garzah (uncredited)
Amelia Romano
Shopgirl (uncredited)
Clifford Sales
Boy Child (uncredited)
Carole Selvester
Girl Child (uncredited)
Richard W. Shankland
Blind Man (uncredited)
George Sherwood
Patrolman (uncredited)
Gregg Sherwood
Lee Shumway
Patrolman (uncredited)
Ralph Simone
Old Gentleman (uncredited)
Hester Sondergaard
Miss Owens - Stoneman's Nurse (uncredited)
Mildred Stronger
Girl Child (uncredited)
Elliott Sullivan
Wrestlers' Trainer (uncredited)
Charles P. Thompson
Ticket Taker (uncredited)
Mervin Williams
Records Clerk (uncredited)
Victor Zimmerman
Patrolman (uncredited)