Operation Petticoat


Blake Edwards
Universal Pictures
Production Company

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5th December 1959

Cary Grant
Lt. Commander Matt T. Sherman
Tony Curtis
Lieutenant(jg) Nick Holden
Joan O'Brien
Lieutenant Dolores Crandall
Dina Merrill
Lieutenant Barbara Duran
Gene Evans
Chief Molumphry
Dick Sargent
Ensign Stovall
(as Richard Sargent)
Virginia Gregg
Major Edna Howard
Robert F. Simon
Captain J.B. Henderson
Robert Gist
Lieutenant Watson
Gavin MacLeod
Yeoman Ernest Hunkle
George Dunn
The Prophet
Dick Crockett
Madlyn Rhue
Lieutenant Colfax
Marion Ross
Lieutenant Reid
Clarence Lung
Sgt. Ramon Gillardo
(as Clarence E. Lung)
Frankie Darro
Pharmacist's Mate Dooley
Tony Pastor
Robert F. Hoy
Reiner (as Robert Hoy)
Nicky Blair
Seaman Kraus
John W. Morley
Arthur O'Connell
Chief Machinist's Mate Sam Tostin
Hal Baylor
MP Sergeant (uncredited)
William Bryant
Crewman (uncredited)
Bert Byers
Bowman (uncredited)
Dick Callinan
Lieutenant Morrison (uncredited)
Gordon Casell
Colonel Higginson (uncredited)
Malcolm Cassell
Sailor (uncredited)
H. Haile Chace
Soldier (uncredited)
Tony Corrado
Fireman Lye (uncredited)
Dale Cummings
MP (uncredited)
Francis De Sales
Captain Kress (uncredited)
Vince Deadrick Sr.
Alan Dexter
Navy Chief (uncredited)
Tusi Faiivae
Witch Doctor (uncredited)
Paul Frees
Un-named Colonel in Jeep on Cebu (voice)
Bob Gibson
Seaman (uncredited)
Larry Gilliland
Sailor (uncredited)
Preston Hanson
Lt. Colonel Simpson
Fred Harflinger
Sailor (uncredited)
Harry Harvey Jr.
Soldier (uncredited)
Vi Ingraham
Pregnant Filipino Woman
Glenn Jacobson
Control Tower Staff
Robert Keys
MP (uncredited)
Joseph Kim
Filipino (uncredited)
William Kinney
James Lanphier
Lt. Commander Daly
Nelson Leigh
Admiral Koenig (uncredited)
Leon Lontoc
Filipino Farmer (uncredited)
John James Russell
Sailor (uncredited)
Alan Scott
Chief of Demolition
Bob Stratton
Marine Lieutenant (uncredited)
Nino Tempo
Crewman (uncredited)
Howard Venezia
Soldier (uncredited)
Francis L. Ward
Petty Officer (uncredited)
Robert C. Youmans
Lieutenant (uncredited)
Ray Austin
Stunts (uncredited)
William Bryant
Harry Harvey Jr.
Fred Harflinger II

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