Passport to Treason


Robert S. Baker
Mid Century Film Prductions
Production COmpany

American PI investigates sinister goings-on within a peace organization in London.

Enjoyable but typical B-movie with too much happening for its running time. Comes across like an episode of The Saint, with Michael Shayne guest-starring in place of Simon Templar. Given the producer and director, that's hardly surprising. Rod Cameron got his nose broken filming a fight scene with Andrew Faulds, so at least those scenes ring true!

Note: The US version (available on Amazon) is lacking a 6.5 minutes chunk of scenes, comprising O'Kelly talking to Caterina after the funeral, the police talking to Giorgio, Miss Jones discovering a clue, and of the Peace Committee meeting and O'Kelly's first meeting with Dr. Randolph. Also missing are two later scenes of Pietro trying to convince Caterina to help him, and Diane's car "breaking down." Not vital, but these scenes help explain things that make the plot seem more happenstance than it seems in the US edit.

-Dave W.

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23rd July 1956

81 mins

19th September 1956

70 mins

Rod Cameron
Michael 'Mike' O'Kelly
Lois Maxwell
Diane Boyd
Clifford Evans
Orlando Syms
Peter Illing
Giorgio Sacchi
Marianne Stone
Miss 'Jonesy' Jones
Douglas Wilmer
Dr. Randolph
John Colicos
Ballard Berkeley
Detective Inspector Threadgold
Andrew Faulds
Barbara Burke
Derek Sydney
Amedeo Sacchi
Trevor Reid
Major McCombie
Neil Wilson
Sergeant Benson
Peter Swanwick
A Good Cup of Tea Cafe Proprietor
Hal Osmond
Stella Lipari Club Barman
Salvin Stewart
Meditours Travel Agency Manager
Anthony Baird
Nursing Home Orderly
Tom Bowman
(as Tom Bowan)
Unknown 14636-01
Ben Conner (deceased)
Elsie Wagstaff
Amedeo's Landlady
Jack Taylor
Jack Farr, Fingerprint Man
Reginald Hearne
Police Doctor
Unknown 14636-02
Robin Ray
Meditours Travel Agency Clerk
Unknown 14636-13
Peace Foundation Concierge
Robert Gregory
Parker, Peace Committee Recording Secretary
Wallace Bosco
Peace Committee Member
Ned Lynch
Stella Lipari Club Patron
Max Faulkner
Hecnhman (uncredited)
Michael Corcoran
Unknown 14636-05
Jeff Silk
Policeman in Threadgold's Office
Unknown 14636-14
Diane's Contact
John Wilder
Stella Lipari Club Patron
Unknown 14636-03
Stella Lipari Club Patron
Unknown 14636-04
Stella Lipari Club Patron
(Birthday Girl)
Bob Raymond
Stella Lipari Club Patron
Unknown 14636-09
Stella Lipari Club Patron
Unknown 14636-10
Stella Lipari Club Patron
Unknown 14636-12
Stella Lipari Club Waiter
Bruce Beeby
Inspector in Information Room
John Adams
Police Sergeant in Information Room
George Curtis
Police Operator in Information Room
Unknown 14636-06
Garage Attendant
Joe Wadham
Police Driver
John Phillips
Car B-17 Policeman
Unknown 14636-07
Car B-17 Driver
Unknown 14636-08
Policeman Reporting Stolen Car

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